Christodoulos Xiros, member of 17N has gone underground (Greece)

Christodoulos Xiros, who is a member of the Revolutionary Organisation 17 November, has gone underground, after he did not return to prison after his 3 days leave. The comrade sent this letter and video:

“Better an hour of freedom, than forty years of slavery and prison.”

Because the known crocodiles of the mass Media will start to cry about the lost rights, and will, as always, ask for blood in the arena, I have the following to say:

First of all, your democracy died a long time ago and the abortion that has remained is so blatantly fascist that the corners of the swastika protrude.

So do not pretend to be honourers and protectors at the same time as you murder youth for 1.40 euro and don’t give a damn. Not for us, you fraudsters of the Media, mouthpieces of the lenders, collaborators of the 4th Reich.

It is natural that my leaving causes panic and terror to you and those you serve!

But not to society and the people.

You are against us, you are lackeys of those who destroyed us and this is now in the conscience of everyone.

You cannot fool us any more.

Nothing can save you, neither the Dachau you are planning, nor the legions of mercenaries. No matter what you do, very soon the river of rage will rise and drown you!

And I warn you:

Do not dare to harass my relatives and my loved ones, do not think that you will repeat what you did in 2002, when you had us all hostage. Now you will receive the answer you deserve!

For now I dedicate a lyric from a song of V.Papakostantinou, “Karaiskakis”.

“When I return I will fuck you up”

If I managed to convince my captors to grant me leave, I consider it my own personal success and I will answer with the phrase said by Tzavelas when he convinced Ali Pasa to set him free: “I am glad I fooled someone treacherous”. An act of course that he paid for with the life of his child, who was a hostage of Ali Pasa.

If you were smart you would have given us not only leave days but also freedom, but of course you are not.

Now in the final hour instead of screaming hysterically, preparing even tougher laws and tougher oppression – which also shows the measure of your democracy – it’s better that you prepare your humiliating exit. Because your kingdom has ended and you have not realized yet!

I could have rested on the laurels of my previous actions and repeat the hit of the time “someone must finally do something”. I didn’t do that.

My choice to not go back firstly destroys my “course”.

But what kind of prospects can one have when they see society collapsing, the country being destroyed and the people becoming enslaved? Until when will we see in the year 2014 people dying from braziers and remain apathetic? Not me anyway!

I took the decision one more time, to fire the guerilla rifle against those who stole our lives and sold our dreams in order to make a profit.

We do not want your benefits, keep them to tip one of your snitches.

We want rights and we will conquer them gun in hand. We do not ask anyone for a favour and especially from you who keep your head down. Next time you see me, which I do not wish (and neither should you) you’d better kill me, because if you take me hostage again I will just leave again to fight you to the end.

I will conclude with a part of the political statement I made instead of an apology at the appellate, in November 2006: “In no way am I who you describe, but I am definitely what you fear.”

And I will repeat the same line from Promethean Bound

“Hit, chain, tie the body of the slaves of Zeus, the mind – the soul remains free.”


Christodoulos Xiros

Free member of the 17 November group.

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