20-25 SUVs sabotaged in Bristol & Bath (UK)

Anarchist-Hooligans strike again…

Too many city-slickers playing at being country folk, driving around in status symbols, in a dream where the fuel never runs out, “oh it’s such a stress parking the landie, when I do the school run” why not get a smaller car, ride bikes, bus it, use your legs or even better have a lobotomy…

In the middle of December last year in Bristol, Sneyd park & Bathwick hill area of Bath, somewhere between 20-25 4×4’s/service utility vehicles had the air removed from their front tyres via several puncture wounds, there wasn’t a splash of mud on any of them! If we embrace a wide array of the aspects of anarchy then we can possibly feel healthier, more rounded & balanced as a whole within our own being, attempting to address the issues as best one see’s fit realising you can’t just pick & choose the nice bits that might neatly line-up with what one’s decided is comfortable. To acknowledge the challenge to take up & carry the torch that one extra mile, firstly for ourselves & our close friends, remembering out there the glowing spirits that flicker & know in themselves they too have to kick themselves out of this shit that we are all in, seeing that generally things are a little rough around the edges but exciting at times & on some days even potentially dangerous.

Passion goes out to all our friends in arms & those unconquered & refusing to drown & finally to those that are held against their will, (not forgetting Danny-boy who is mentioned later). We poke a stick into the spokes of the wheel of the machine, so to hamper the grinding pace of everyday life (just applying a little bit of brake).

It’s all been done before, the aim is not to strive for total originality, but this may arise through experiments & attempts at problem-solving, focusing on the bigger picture then reflecting back on one’s self. Hope you haven’t been bored by the written words as we know that they come cheap when they just role off the tongue, today’s headlines is tommorrow’s chip-paper, consumed, screwed-up & recycled, but you’ve got to ask yourselves the question is anything that particularly that unique? Oh Danny-boy, you left us way too early, wherever you are we hope this deed of defiance is able to reach out to you, as I write this your absence is all too clear, it sinks in that we really didn’t see enough of you, brings tears running down my face. Others & myself will remember you for your utter contempt for authority & anyone who tried to impose their will upon you “fuck you, i won’t do what you tell me” : r.a.t.m, so in a hooligan stylee & a leisurely fashion we pulled this one off, we hope it gets your blessing, feeling that you would probably relate to this if you were still around, bringing a wry smile to your cheeky face, this class-act is for you brother, signing out now, ava rage x

the bureau of radical adjustment, ava rage cell/fai

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