Osaka: About forced eviction of the homeless persons sleeping at night in Tennouji park (Japan)

325 receives and transmits this report by anarchist comrade Rebel Jill:

On 12 feb 2014, osaka city authorities suddenly set the fences on eastern part of tennouji park, a southern area of osaka city. So, homeless persons spending that area of the park every night were swept away by fuckin’ officers of o$aKKKa city authorities. A homeless old woman living on this area was swept away from this area, and her baggages & blankets were stolen by city officers of osaka city authorities (tennnouji dousyokubutsuen park office), on a day that was so cold.

Around the JR tennouji [train] station, the railway company build a 300 meters tall building like the glass grave named “abeno harukasu”. That glass grave will open on 7 mar 2014, and the building includes department store/hotel for noble persons. So, most of homeless persons living on this area are being swept away.

On eastern part of tennouji park, they forced to make more parking area for sight-seeing buses with their selfish reason. However, they have already forced to set their selfish big bus-parking placing at southern part of tennouji park for over 3 years. Also in front of JR tennouji station, they forced to build a meaningless bus parking for some buses on last year, and have swept homeless persons from this area. The Reds’ ‘NPO’ [NPO – Kamagasaki Support Organization”] for caring for the homeless persons/ex-daylabors in kamagasaki area (within 1km distance) ignore the incidents for homeless persons living on this area, further, the reds’ NPO has helped the evil plans by their nightpatrol for their “room first” policy [co-operating with city plans for controlling homeless people in exploitative ‘night shelters’]. Yes, they have helped the sweeping out plans = ‘last solutions’ for homeless persons by osaka city for over 10 years, and they have not engaged in the defense of homeless communities/tent villages for over 10 years.

Without dignity for each homeless person, any rooms for homeless person is a kind of hell. Actually, most of homeless persons getting the “room” instead of being forced to lose their communities/communications have been ignored their dignity, then, died isolated in a cold room alone, or got the illness and went to secondary hospital like the medical jails for guinea pigs… and died isolated cold place alone, further, their bodies were used some “medical interests”…

Osaka city authorities & reds’ NPO won the battle of “anti-homeless liberation movement & anti-public space for all movement” in osaka, then, they will try to complete their selfish plans for an “extinction” of “slums” in osaka. …unfortunately, this is a situation of osaka.

Anyway, i will try to continue to engage in tiny supporting to the homeless persons living on the roadsides/public spaces as long as i can. Thanx.

Vi venkos, ni venkos! Ni ne estas la ruboj, ni ne transiru. In struggle against the poverty & abenomiKKK$-bastards.

(rebel_JILL/ a daylabor)

URL : http://nightpatrol4mutualaidof10nouji.wordpress.com/

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