Osaka: Brief history of Tennouji Park (Japan)

325 receives and transmits this message from anarchist comrade Rebel Jill:

* o$aKKKa *brutal history of tennouji park… for further infos

Dec 2003-Feb 2014, there were so many homeless evictions organized by osaka city authorities at tennouji park:

-on a southwest hill area of tennouji park, someone set a fire to a hut on that area. then, tennouji dousyokubutsu park office blamed the homeless residents of the huts/tents to have some responsibility of the arson. after this arson, over 15 homeless persons living their huts/tents were evicted from the hill area by osaka city authorities, also their huts/tents were swept away from this area. The reds’ NPO kamagasaki support organization ignored this eviction in a fuckin’ conspiracy by osaka city authorities.

after the eviction, park office built the pavement to the southern hill area of tennouji park. so, more homeless residents (about 30) and their huts/tents were gradually evicted or were kidnapped by poverty-pimps for their “good business”.

-on a central pavement area, there were about 50 homeless huts/tents placed both sides of this pavement. tennouji dousyokubutsu park office = osaka authorities blamed the homeless persons living on this pavement as the “criminals of the noisy harassment to the koala”. homeless comrades living on this pavement and homeless liberation activists strongly protested to this conspiracy for the eviction, however, gradually most of homeless residents gave up to fight against osaka city authorities… and the city authorities secretly set the rooms of most of homeless residents for their victory: homeless huts’/tents’ complete eviction from tennouji park.

– on a southeast area, about 30 homeless residents and their huts/tents were evicted by the osaka city’s plan for the sightseeing-bus parking area. then, all of homeless huts/tents are evicted from tennouji park…

however, harassment/violence against the homeless persons spending the night in tennouji park continued by the stupid youth, upper class drunks, and stupid citizens having a prejudice against the homeless persons/day laborers…

10 years ago, osaka city authorities swept homeless communities/karaoke-tents away.

27 years ago (1987), after meaningless Expo in tennouji park, osaka city authorities and their supporters stole most of the part of tennouji park with their selfish WALLs. infrared rays prevented most of people to enter those walled area unless they pay 150 yen for entering this area. many homeless persons/day labors were swept other places away from the area.

… further, 111 years ago, ruling class of o$aKKKa and the imperialist japanese state empire held an Expo at tennouji park. they set the JINRUI-KKKAN with their racial prejudice on the Expo 1903. at the house, they “displayed” the life styles of some of racial minority people like the Ainu people/Okinawan people/native Taiwanese people… etc as the “savage/barbarians”.

at that time, so many people watched their evil doing and people tried to protest against o$aKKKa city authorities…

however, after a lot of repressions on core activists of homeless liberation struggle… this time, unfortunately, there were no organized protests to the bastards of city officers. also i could not resist their deeds at tennouji park so much at this time…

anyway, also many slum-clearances are happening everywhere in other areas of osaka by the ENEMIES of the poorest people. la batalo continuos… in struggle against the poverty/abenomiKKK$-bastards.

(rebel_JILL/ a daylaborer)

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