Text of the anarchist Spiros Mandilas about the Anarchist Squat Nadir (Greece)

Lately, various interior matters taking place in Anarchist Squat Nadir, have been published, because of two or three people, thought they should publish a misinformative text of breakaway, in order to justify their cowardice or their failure.

Therefore, since a matter has been published, I owe too, to explain in public what has happened. Especially, since through this text, they accuse me of their breakaway.

Those people, after alienating some comrades from the squat, with their manners and their behavior, they tried to distort the political characteristics of Nadir. So, they started talking about communism, nechayevism, democratic fights, and generally, some things far from the political analysis and nature of the Nadir squat. Recently, those two or three people, even tried to isolate me from the convention’s decisions.

Typical is the fact that they got to the point of changing the email of Nadir password, so that they are the only to have access to the mail.

So, If there is something to be charged to someone, this someone is not me, but those people, for the following reasons: they stood for the political grab-bag, they took the attitude of authoritative behaviors, they got to the point of wanting to sever, isolate and override their detained comrade. Since they understood they can’t make it, those two or three people (who even signed off as Anarchist Squat Nadir), got up and left, or, to be precise, they left chased of their contradictions. For me, a political subject since it respects itself, must have political continuance and consequence, a clear political background and not being a ridiculous acrobat lost in political tensions and tides. For the Anarchist Squat Nadir, a lot of people can talk, yet not the ones who wrote that text. They are not related to it, they don’t go for it…Those people neither respected the procedure of convention, nor some comrades course, they tried to obtain a leadership, and got to the point of giving ultimatums like “this is how it is, whether you like it or not…”.

Obviously, on this matter arose, the responsibilities are not only for those two or three people, but also for me and my comrades, equally, who allowed this to happen. We offered these people political cover, and permitted them to integrate to Nadir and our wider circle, something they were never able to appreciate and correspond to, the way they should.

Another matter arose, is the Athens indymedia attitude. Specifically, the indymedia administrator team, have been informed by me in person, that because of the internality of the matter, it would be more correct, for various reasons, not to upload publications about Nadir, for a week. It was, also, mentioned that some people changed the e-mail password, and as a result, they shouldn’t publish anything sent to them, because it doesn’t stand for the Anarchist Squat Nadir. For reasons they themselves failed to explain, they published the specific, knowingly, misleading text. This was one more straw that broke the camel’s. Indymedia, after turning t the left the last years, has got to the point of managing an internal matter, the worst possible way. This is another reason why I don’t want my texts to be published to indymedia, from now on.

For the reason that the elevation of the problem is the one side of things, the other side is the perspective we owe to create. So, I salute my comrades who work in the direction of rebuilding the Anarchist Squat Nadir.





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