Letter from anarchist comrade Tamara Sol Vergara, accused of the attack against Banco Estado security (Chile)

I thank you so much for your support, I can feel your unconditional love deep in my heart. Any letter, note, delicious sweet or money support is a joy and an injection of energy in this cage. Taking advantage of the fact you’re all meeting there, I’m going to clarify some doubts that apparently are circulating here and there.

As for clarifying the facts I’m not going to say a word but rather give some signals of the situation. As far as prison is concerned, I had to face the conditions of the unit where I find myself, which is called “public connotation”. Here the jailers are trying to establish a schizophrenic “friendship” with the female prisoners, thus creating a sort of Syndrome of Stockholm [Note: Syndrome of Stockholm refers to a particular state of mind, which manifests itself after experiencing an extremely violent or traumatic episode, for example kidnapping or continuous abuse. The person with Syndrome of Stockholm being kept in captivity or being abused, comes to express positive feelings, even including love, for his or her torturer, thus establishing some sort of alliance and complicity between the victim and the torturer].

My attitude in the face of this situation was to keep the necessary distance between myself and my kidnappers, however gentle such distance might be. In this way I gained the “reputation” of being an enemy of the guards, so they leave me alone. I managed to overcome some frictions with my co-prisoners in this unit, frictions due to the forced living together, and made an effort to be friendly in spite of my anti-social nature.

As for the actions of solidarity that can be harmful for the investigation, I’m of the opinion that these actions must not be stopped, even if a prisoner can always disagree with them. News of these actions cheered me up, when I’ve been feeling very low in the last three months. For this reason, comrades, any public evaluation, criticism and self-criticism must come from action. They say that the best way to teach something is to do something, and it is our task to learn without getting tired and find a balance between intelligence and praxis while leaving our ego aside, taking responsibility for our mistakes and concentrating on the things we sometimes neglect.

You know what I’m talking about, and you can understand what happened on 21st January; our feelings are the same when we see a comrade dead or in prison, the blood in our veins boils, our hearts beat faster and we mourn together. We know we are not many but we are there and forge relations, and these relations are a response to the system/existent, where machismo, power and the like are reproduced by women themselves; these relations also allow me to stand up with my head held high, as a political prisoner opposed to the attitude of the prisoners who behave.

I hope I won’t bother you with my first communiqué, and I send you a hug full of the strength and energy you gave me when you came here to commemorate the death of 81 prisoners right in this jail. Everyone here noticed it, and now they all greet me in the corridors. It left me without tears for so much crying.

With love to all the comrades

Lxs quiere Sol

To write to Tamara:

Tamara Sol Vergara
Pieza 1, Modulo 1, Piso 3 – sur.
Cárcel de san Miguel

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