Anarchist gathering – Libcom 2014 (Russia)

Due to emails we received, 325 clarifies that this event has nothing to do with the British civil anarchist parasites that share the same name of the gathering. The call-out for this event came From Russia With Love, the counter-information site of new generation incendiary anarchy and global anti-civilisation attack.

This spring we invite you to our yearly forum in the wild, far away from the choking cities of yours. Everyone is invited to this sabbath. Every anti-authoritarian person, who shares the principles of equality and decentralization, who respects other people’s opinion and wants to change the order of things.

Our aims:
• to strengthen the bonds and coordination between activists;
• to present working libertarian projects;
• to spread successful tactics;
• to solve various issues rising up among activists and between activists
and our adversaries or passive members of society;
• to improve and support the physical fitness of activists.

This sabbath will take the form of a camp that will last from May 9th till May 11th 2014 in one of the forests of Moscow area. The exact program will be ready in one month period, and by the way, we are counting on your help on this
one. We promise to make it intense and interesting. We will try to avoid the drudgery of common-place topics of discussion that plague similar events for years.

We are looking forward to meeting comrades from Ukraine, as the recent developments are of great interest to us. We are waiting for your suggestions and ideas about lectures and seminars. Please notify us of the topics you would like to discuss.

Also we want you to show some measure of responsibility when getting ready for your talk. This year we will not accept badly rehearsed reading from paper! 🙂

Alcohol and drugs will be forbidden for the period of this event. This is done so that we will be able to maintain our focus on the tasks of the camp and avoid something we would like to avoid. If you feel you are unable to abide this
rule, please consider if maybe it is too early for you to attend this happening. We ask that you respect other participants of this gathering even if your views on something differ from theirs.

As event organizers, we take the responsibility of selecting the place, spreading the invitations and doing the security check of participants. Also we will be accepting donations and buying all the stuff necessary for the sabbath. However, we would like to share with you the responsibilities that relate to the daily life of this camp (i.e., breaking the camp, cooking, security shifts etc.)
This decision will provide us all with an opportunity to prove everyone’s autonomous nature, self-sufficiency and dedication to leaderless structures.

We cannot ignore the interest towards our movement that police has been showing for some years now. So, considering the level of repressions we are forced to go to some lengths when it comes to security.
So in order to join us at the fireside this year you will have to provide us with nametags of two persons in good standing in the movement who must verify your identity and support your “i am an ok girl/guy” claim.

Unfortunately if for some reasons you won’t be able to find two supporters, we won’t be having the pleasure of meeting with you. We do hope that you will find some comrades by the next year’s event.

We ask every guest for a one-time donation of 500 rubles (less than 10 euros now). This fund will be spent on food and security measures. Any leftovers will go on ABC and “Acts of radical goodness”.

If you have any suggestions or questions, please ask: libcom(a)riseup.net

We ask friendly web-sources for repost on the pages, in social media and spreading of this information by word of mouth.

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