Communiqué in solidarity with Gianluca and Adriano (Italy)

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“As a prisoner I can’t stop dreaming nor imagining a world free from authoritarian violence, free from the pairs of oppressed-oppressors, exploited-exploiters. Free from moral and social restraints that regulate-inhibit appetites and circumscribe the horizons. A world free from every cages… shame of mankind. A world where human arrogance is put aside for a symbiotic and empathic coexistence with all living beings, in the respect of natural balances and where the search for individual freedom is the only path to trace for a real and collective self-determination”
(from a letter of Adriano)

Since September 2013 two anarchists from Albano Laziale and Frascati (Rome) have been locked in the high security sections of the prisons of Ferrara and Alessandria, together with other anarchist and revolutionary prisoners. The charge of “subversive association with finality of terrorism”, which will bring them to trial on the 26th of may, concerns 13 incendiary attacks and sabotages against several banks, an ENEL branch, an ENI petrol station, the working site of a discharge and other companies responsible for ecological devastation and animal exploitation.

In a letter published in January 2014 on the anarchist publication La Miccia, Gianluca claimed the responsibility of some of the actions he’s accused of:

“The actions to which they refer, specifically, that don’t accomplish any “agenda”, were carried out by me and declared with communiqués signed by INTERNATIONAL REVOLUTIONARY FRONT – INFORMAL ANARCHIST FEDERATION / Anti-civilization Subversive Individualities [see here for example], and they know well, thanks to their beloved cameras, that they were carried out by one only person, me, in response to the devastation, for rationale of profit, of the Planet and of the lands where I live, and in Solidarities with the rebels in conflict with the existent.

The GPS, and other hellish devices that the soldiers kindly installed on a car that I had been using in the last two years, would link me, in terms of clues or something more, to other sabotages and direct actions. (…) To not undermine my integrity, my courage and sacrifice I won’t bend to the game of “guilty-innocent”, it’s really too much. If the actions are thirty or a hundred doesn’t make any difference, it means that in Italy they are one thousand and in the world ten thousand!

Anyway it’s ridiculous and trivially diminishing to discuss about these facts, it would be like erasing the real vision of conflict and Resistance, and recognize the democratic logic of the “game that came to a bad end” or of “the bad against the good.”.

Towards Gianluca and Adriano there has been a lacking of solidarity expressed up to this point by the anarchist movement, perhaps because they are not comrades known to many or active in the social struggles that are most popular right now. This should lead us to reflect, since the fact that some anarchists decide to live and put in practice their ideas following individual paths doesn’t mean that their tension is less strong or that we are not staring at the same horizons.

From the writings and texts that Gianluca and Adriano released from their cells, we recognize kindred spirits, reluctant to every authorities, and in war against the mega-machine of civilization, that combination of technological and political apparatuses responsible for the domestication and exploitation of human beings and animals, as well as of the devastation of the planet.

Between the lines of their letters we can read the determination, the courage and sensibility of two comrades who, despite the deprivation of freedom to which they are subdued, don’t have the slightest intention to bow their head, but instead keep with head high to vindicate their ideas and their struggle for total liberation, against the alienated technological society and against any form of dominion.

For more than six months they have been locked away from their dearest ones and, like animals in captivity, deprived of the possibility to feel the sun on their skin, the grass under their feet, the wind on their face, the arrival of spring.
Furthermore, faceless bureaucrats who represent power decided to deprive them even of the possibility to feel the warmth of supportive comrades at their trial, since they disposed that the trial against them will be carried out on videoconference.

Therefore, they will be kept locked in their cells while prosecutors and judges, hundreds of kilometres away, will decide if and how many years more they will have to stay behind those walls, communicating this decision to them through some screens.

Once more technology confirms its being at the complete service of the power, at the service of those who have no qualms about using every means to try to smash the rebellion, the solidarity between comrades, the personality itself of the anarchist, hence hostile to their system of death… without, for that matters, succeeding in it, on the contrary unleashing an even stronger rage.

It’s time to carry on the struggle, also for Gianluca and Adriano.

“They transformed this World into a cake to split between energetic resources and State boundaries.
They deny us every day a Life worthy to be lived.
But it is in every attack and direct action that we regain it and we live at full its force and Love.
I will do everything is possible, even the impossible of dreams, with every means necessary.
It will be a Resistance and struggle to the last breath everywhere a living being is locked, everywhere there is authority or a noxious monster of progress.
This is not a promise, it’s a declaration of war.


(from a letter of Gianluca)


Millions of cars lined up in traffic jams, massive industrial pollution, concrete poured on nature to make space for highways, rail-tracks, shopping malls, prisons, schools and technological sites; toxic and nuclear waste poured in rivers and on the earth, genetically modified animals used in scientific experiments or for organ transplants, millions of other animals imprisoned and killed every year to satisfy futile consumerism; expropriation of peoples’ lands in Africa, Asia and South America by western governments and multinationals, wars waged to grab the last energy resources, new chemical and technological weapons tested on entire populations by imperialist powers, chemicals and carcinogens in the food we eat, genetically modified plants bombarded with pesticides to boost production, forests raised to the ground to make space for intensive one-crop plantations and gold mines…


Long years spent in schools, offices, factories not much different form prisons, or in front of cell phone screens, computers and TV, entrapped in a flat life made of work, family and programmed entertainment, we are turning into machines that produce and consume and are becoming accomplices of a system that kills and devastates the world, in exchange for miserable technological comforts that can’t make us happy.


Always on the side of those who ‘still have ears for things unheard’, are always rebel and hostile to the power of civilization, and choose to act for a free and wild life.


anarchists in prison accused of sabotage and incendiary attacks on banks, energy multinationals (ENI, ENEL) and companies that exploit animals and the earth

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