Damien Camélio, imprisoned member of the GADI (International Direct Action Group) announces hungerstrike in solidarity with prisoners of Iberia, Corsica, Euskadi (France)

I took the decision to subject myself to a total hunger strike.

My demands are of an anti-prison, libertarian and political nature.

As far as I don’t want to create a hierarchy among the prisoners, it seems to me logical to demand first of all the liberation and easing the penalties for those who are being held hostage for their courageous struggle for freedom of all.

Before I start, I feel that I need to remind something to the French ‘socialist’ government. One of the first measures applied by M. Mitterrand, that you claim all the ideological affiliation with, was amnesty for the prisoners of different organisations involved in a social struggle (like Action Directe, ETA, FLNC, ALP, …) To answer my demands by saying that the political situation back then was different, would be completely irrelevant. As a socialist party, you cannot deny the social pressure mounting on the poorest, you cannot deny that capitalism was ever so aggressive as it is today, neocolonialism so widespread and vicious, and the degeneration of society into fascism so present.

The truth is, that the political and social situation today is even more unsettling.

Thus, if the question of the legitimity of the measures applied by these militants in the struggle didn’t stop M. Mitterrand to grant them amnesty back then, to reply to my demands, that the situation has changed, is to admit that the political and social reality has been taken over by political manoeuvres a long time ago, and so, the utilisation of the word ‘socialism’ on behalf of your party is pure usurpation.

I agree with Durutti that there are only two possible ways for the downfall of capitalism: the way of a Revolution, therefore socialist, or the fascist way.
By discrediting the word ‘socialism’, you’re enlarging the fascist ranks.

It’s not the last municipal elections that prove me wrong!

So, here are my claims, your response will serve as a proof to a numerous militants if there is any socialism still flowing through your veins.

– To begin with, Noelia Cotelo Riveiro, Galician 26 year old anarchist prisoner in struggle, kidnapped by the Spanish state. I demand of the French government to press the Spanish neighbour to end the violent repression against Noelia and either agree to release her, or at least ease the conditions under which she is incarcerated.

I also demand that the claims for which she risks her life (by going on total and infinite hunger strike) are recognized and taken seriously in count.
By this desperate act, Noelia demands nothing but justice and dignity for all the prisoners in Spain.

Her demands are:

End the tortures in prison, abolition of the FIES [isolation units – “prison within the prison”], liberation of the chronically sick and terminally ill prisoners, the change of the maximum mandatory sentencing to 20 years in order to abolish life imprisonment.

Noelia is imprisoned since she was 19, she was tortured and sexually abused by the jailers. Under the FIES regime she has undergone and still is undergoing unimaginable psychological and physical repression.

Far from self-pity over her own fate, Noelia still finds the unwavering power to fight for all the victims of the repression of the Spanish state.

How could a socialist government of this country which is based on human rights denigrate the distress and political courage of a European citizen?

– For Monica Caballero and Francisco Solar, I demand that France make pressure in order to obtain, if not their liberation, at least easing the conditions of their imprisonment. I also demand that an end is put to the manipulation of media that the Spanish state uses to justify their judicial manipulations.

– For Ibon Fernandez Inadi, I demand that the French government agrees to suspend his penalty for medical reasons. Ibon, Basque political prisoner, who serves his sentence in the prison of Lanemezan, is seriously ill. The first medical commission that examined his state judged it incompatible with detention.

I demand compassion and justice from the tribunal of reinforcing sentences, the French justice system, when it decides on his application.

– Using the same outlook, I ask that the demands of the EPPK, to repatriate the Basque prisoners that are more than 70 years old, and also all the seriously ill prisoners of the Zaballa prison, are taken SERIOUSLY in count.

– For the Corsican political prisoners I demand that the approximation to Fresne and repatriation is also taken in count.

– Beyond the particular demands, I ask for the sake of all the prisoners the end of dispersion and the detention conditions becoming dignified and hygienic.
I simply join Noelia with defending her demands.

– I’m not demanding anything for myself, except a judiciary solution that would allow my transfer close to the woman I love in order to serve the rest of my sentence by her side.

In the end I don’t ask anything more of the French socialists, but to prove that they didn’t completely forget what the word ‘socialism’ means.

Damien Camélio,
n°25622, MA de Pau,
14 bis rue Viard,
64000 Pau, France

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