Athens: C.C.F. trial – Defense witnesses (Greece)



On Thursday, May 8, it was scheduled for the defense witnesses of A. Mitsousias, G. Karagiannidis, K.Sakkas and Stella Antoniou to testify, individuals for whom, CCF has made clear, that they have nothing to do with the group.

At first, the judge read a document, testified by A. Mitrousias’ defense, which proved that A. Mitrousias is attending Open University classes while being in jail, in the field of humanitarian studies. Afterwards, some documents were presented by Karagiannidis, proving that during the time, in which the arrest warrants for the comrades of CCF were issued, he was at the graduation ceremony of the university he was attending as a student.

After that, the comrades of CCF made a short statement regarding their refusal to use what they called “democratic right of having defense witnesses”.

Their statement:

“Before the procedure of defense witnesses’ testimony begins, we would like once again to make crystal clear that Mitrousias, Karagiannidis, Sakkas and Antoniou do not and could not have anything to do with CCF. We are separated by an ocean of notions, values and personal differences, which makes impossible for those people to have anything to do with the Conspiracy.

At the same time, at this point of the trial, we would like to make a public statement about our decision to refuse the “privilege” of having defense witnesses.

Every choice, in order for it to be one, it has to be an action that delivers a message.

The fact that we don’t want defense witnesses didn’t just come to us one day…

We could also call witnesses to talk about “our participation in the movement”, “our political conscience”, “for us being good kids”, “for our studies”…

Many times in the past, like now. This tactic has been used from anarchists of the movement.

So, we are not interested in the profile of “good kids”, “students” and “social fighters”.

Neither do we study, nor are we the “good kids”.

We are anarchist urban guerrillas and our choice is direct action and armed conflict with authority.

We don’t hide behind polite manners and chatter of social sensitivity.

The main thing is that we don’t need someone else to defend us and to say good things about us…

This is the reason for which most of us had no lawyers since the beginning of the trial (the court appointed lawyers for us).

But even when the lawyers where appointed by you, from the very first moment we draw an inviolable line. None of them will invoke the presumption of innocence argument, none of them will ask for extenuation.

For us the only “defense” is the continuation of our action.

From this point of view we are happy because since 2008 when CCF started, the axe of war has not been buried not for a single moment…

At this point the trial enters its final stage.

The stage before the verdict.

Now the defendants may use all the defensive means and rights the democracy gives to them.

They may call witnesses and apologize.

We are not going to play this game.

We refuse to become democracy’s supplicants. We insist on keeping the warring distance that separates an anarchist urban guerrilla from the rights granted to him by the enemy.

We offer no truce, never and nowhere.

We remain in the courtroom to safeguard and preserve the honor of our organization from any possible political adventurisms.

So we make clear once and for all that we will accept no witness or lawyer to speak on behalf or our organization.

We don’t need the blank sympathy or the so called critique from the circles of an official movement, from which we have separated ourselves for years since we have chosen the urban guerrila.

As far as the possible question is concerned, about the reason for which we remained in the courtroom all this time, the answer is simple.

During the process that preceded with the crown witnesses, among which a lot of anti-terrorist cops, we highlighted through our interventions the enemy’s way of organizing and moving, as well as their manipulations. From a penal point of view this has no importance for us, since we don not invoke any presumption of innocence. Politically however it proves that the authority is using all means, departing even from its own legality, to hit the urban guerrilla.

It is important for us that this will go public, because it makes things clear. There are no illusions anymore.



Translated by Inter Arma

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