Formation of new FAI/IRF cell (Hong Kong)

We, the Autonomous Cell for Revolutionary Class Struggle/Informal Anarchist Federation/International Revolutionary Front, would like to announce our formation. We are ready to strike at the capitalist beast and it’s rotten state protectors. For in a city with a glamorous reputation and image like Hong Kong, the facade of success and business as usual is a slap in the face to the reality and the widening wealth gap and the alienation which this reality brings with it.

Around the world the forces of reaction are on the rise and so must it’s counter-force be also. Through both planned and spontaneous attacks against the system and the spectacle we aim to bring resistance to this shit state of affairs.

Through careful planning we aim to sabotage the systems of social control which have been put in place by the state on behalf of their capitalist backers. No longer will we be silent whilst people are enslaved, no longer will we be silent whilst the ecosystem is violated and destroyed, no longer will we be silent whilst we are killed by this rotten system.

We will strike where and when we feel, we will strike when it is least expected, we will be waiting in the night, we will be around every corner and we will be anonymous. Through autonomous action and in conjunction with other revolutionary cells around the world and an FAI cyber cell here in Hong Kong we aim to strike a blow to the spectacle, to the enslaving system.

In a system which commodities all life we have nothing to lose by fighting back. We will attack with fury and in solidarity with our comrades imprisoned in capitalism’s concentration camps.

We would like to express our best wishes and strongest messages of solidarity to our comrades around the world both in and out of gaol. We are many, we are not alone in this war and the state and it’s institutions have no problems with using violence against us and so we should return the favour in kind. For too long capitalism has been getting a free and easy ride, no longer is this the case.

Now is the time to fight…


Autonomous Cell for Revolutionary Class Struggle

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