Marco Camenisch in isolation and prison transfer (Switzerland)

Marco Camenisch in recent days (May 15 to 20) was put in a punitive isolation cell in the prison bunker at Lenzburg (Switzerland) after he refused another urine test, yet another provocation. In the next few days (between 22 and 23.05.2014) he will also be transferred to a new prison in the Canton of Zug. It is not clear yet whether this transfer is a retaliation against the refusal of Marco for the umpteenth urine test or if it was already in the plans of AMT fur Justizvollzug (Office Execution Penalties and Measures) in Zurich.

The late penalty is provided for Mark ’08/05/2018. Early release continues to be his reason of rejection for parole using as pretext his “chronic violence” associated with a vision of the world that would have delinquent consequences.

This is the contact we have:

Marco Camenisch
Strafanstalt Bostadel
Postfach 38, CH-6313 Menzingen, Schweiz

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