Phoenix Project #13: Conspiracy of Black Fire – FAI/IRF claim two acts of sabotage (Italy)

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Phoenix project #13 – 07/05/2014

We gave life to the Conspiracy of Black Fire with an attack carried out on 7th May 2014, two years after our anarchist comrades and brothers Nicola Gai and Alfredo Cospito shot Ansaldo Nucleare managing director Roberto Adinolfi. Our actions are dedicated to them, with love and revenge.

In the night of 7th May we placed an incendiary device on a petrol pump. Due to our inexperience the device didn’t accomplish its task of destruction through fire, but we were armed with pliers and cut off all the fuel dispensing tubes. Just a month earlier we targeted some ATMs.

We spent a great deal of time pondering on the question of informality and the possibility of giving birth to a group of action. During our discussion, among laughter and seriousness, lively debates, desires and anxiety, projects and strategies, we decided to give birth to the Conspiracy of Black Fire and wage war to the mega-machine of dominion.

We are Anarchists of action, we refuse any centralizing model of organization that mitigates our rupture with the existent.

We are talking of new Anarchy and permanent conflictuality, without dogmas or ‘revolutionary vanguards’.

As Conspiracy of Black Fire we are and will be an informal network with autonomous cells of direct action. A network that struggles for Anarchy Here and Now.

We are definitely leaving the low profile of social Anarchism, and are totally committed to permanent conflict against all forms of Power without stopping in the face of judicial consequences.

We are Anarchists, not lawyers preoccupied with the laws of our enemy.

We are getting rid of the burdens of frustration and defeat.

All the actions we will carry out and name as Conspiracy of Black Fire, will be part of the war we have declared against dominion, civilization and its society.

Sadly very few are talking and proposing an existential subversion of our life conditions, very few are claiming total liberation in the face of the degradation of our lives.

Life is being assessed on the basis of dead objects and illusions. Therefore the question for us is not whether we are freer in this world or not, but if we are willing to continue to live in a way that oppresses us.

We see so many people around us, including the poor, workers, prisoners, migrants etc. Their lives depend on this world and its civilization as if the latter were the most precious thing they have. Therefore we, as Nihilist Anarchists, are declaring war on everything, the hand that holds the whip and the back that is being hit.

We think it is not sufficient to dedicate ourselves to indulgent ideologies offering an alibi to the immobility and passivity of ‘the exploited’. It is ‘the exploited’ that go to the polling stations every 4 years in order to give their tyrants a mandate, it is ‘the people’ that see their bosses as role models, it is ‘the people’ that become intoxicated with the drug of consumerism, it is ‘the people’ that believe in property as if it were religion, it is ‘the people’ that demand more police, more prisons, more technology… From this criticism, the Nihilist Anarchist tendency is breaking out along with our antisocial perspective.

The actions we are claiming with this communiqué are part of the PHOENIX PROJECT; they are for us, for our brothers and sisters at war against all forms of power, they are for our imprisoned comrades of the CCF and for those who are outside, they are for Anarchist comrades Gianluca Iacovacci and Adriano Antonacci, for Niccolò Blasi, Claudio Alberto, Mattia Zanotti and Chiara Zenobi, and for all the comrades locked up in the high surveillance units here in Italy and in all other countries, they are for Andreas Tsavdaridis and Spyros Mandylas, for our brothers and sisters kidnapped in the jails of dominion all over the world, from Indonesia to South America.




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