Notes from the statement by the Conspiracy of Cells of Fire in the trial about “Phoenix” Project (Greece)

Inter Arma received and translated:

Within two years, this is the 4th trial against CCF. We had the trial on the Halandri case, on the trapped [explosive] packages, on the 250 attacks, and now the trial for the “Phoenix Project.”

Obviously, all this shows the fury and vengeance of authority against us, as it creates a stifling court vice around us, with recurrent trials. Trials, in which we are accused two and three times for the same “offense.”

This one trial, however, has a characteristic in relation to the preceding. This is a trial for the “Project Phoenix” guerrilla operations, made while we were already prisoners in the prisons of the state. Of course, this is not the first time during our imprisonment, that we face instigation charges. Charges, which lack any logic, even according to your own legal culture. I am talking about the vindictive prosecutions against us, for public texts released from prison, such as the texts in solidarity with the Anarchist Squat Nadir, and the texts in which we refuse to apologize and recognize the judicial authorities. Of course, we could not omit the highlight of the legal coup, which is the indefinite extension of the pre-trial detention of four of our comrades of the Conspiracy, Gerasimos, George, Olga and Theofilos, who despite having surpassed the stipulated limit of 18 months, they remain in captivity. To be specific, Gerasimos has been in custody for 43 months, George, Olga and Theofilos over 36 months.

We do not say all this in a denunciatory mood against the violation of our democratic rights. You can have your rights back. We believe neither in your laws, nor in your democracy. Besides, this is the reason, we didn’t appoint any lawyers. Yet, we will not remain silent towards the hypocrisy of your justice.

It is important, that the hallucinations finally stop. With or without evidence, it has been demonstrated that authority wants to destroy physically, morally and politically the Conspiracy of Cells of Fire, as well as those who support us. We have chosen, from the very beginning, the anarchist urban guerrilla living with this challenge and return it to the enemy a thousand times. As long as we breathe, the Conspiracy of Cells of Fire would never sign a truce in the war that has been declared against the state and its society.

We are here today in this court, because about a year ago, we sent a public greeting to uncaught comrades of CCF, when a bomb hit the executive of the prisons of that time. Those who brought the prosecution against us for instigation, perhaps felt that this would scare us, make us low our voices and our stature. They were wrong. This is the reason why today, through it the court, knowing that what we say will be published and will find the way and the road to reach the uncaught and wanted comrades of us, we repeat it for a thousand times: “Comrades, the struggle goes on. Let’s create a thousand new cores, and thousands of new attacks.”

Our presence here is for three main reasons. The first reason is because we do not want, in any case, to let the laws and the penal code distort the Conspiracy of Cells of Fire, FAI and “Phoenix Project “, presenting them tailored to their feet. So far, under the “Phoenix Project”, there have been 13 bombings and arson attacks in Greece, Russia, Indonesia, Chile, Mexico, Germany, and Italy. So, “Phoenix Project” is the living proof that the continuous anarchist insurrection, is neither suppressed nor imprisoned, nor trialed. Even though it sometimes reverses, it will be reborn again from its ashes, like the Phoenix. The rebirth of urban guerrilla warfare in Greece, has already happened.

The second reason we are here is to stand by our comrade Andreas Tsavdaridis, who has claimed responsibility for sending a parcel bomb to the former chief of counter-terrorism agency, as an act of “Phoenix Project”.

We will not deal with the misery of the instigation we are assigned with. Instigation presupposes a hierarchical organizational structure and meanings like ‘leaders’, ‘orders’, ‘rules’, referring to the mafia and organized crime. The instigator is the brain, the principal. We are anarchists, without leaders and followers. Andreas is an accessory and a confederate of us, to the constant crime of rebellion and anarchic revolt.

The third reason is to support anarchist Spyros Mandylas. Spyros is a friend and a comrade, but has nothing to do with the Conspiracy of Cells of Fire, FAI and “Phoenix Project”. By arresting Spyros, the counter-terrorism agency wanted to hit the public anarchist discourse, recognizing it as an integral part of the anarchist urban guerrilla struggle. They wanted, in this way, to isolate our thought and our speech from public processes, and at the same time, to scare anarchists in solidarity, proving that anarchist presence and support to prisoners of CCF is enough for someone to pass the backyard of prison. The prosecution of Spyros is a purely vindictive prosecution, because he stood as a coherent anarchist, without being scared by fear and giving up the value of solidarity, as many others did…

Closing this statement, do not expect from us to talk about innocence or guilt. We are neither innocent nor guilty. We are enemies of the state, of the authority, of the social machine, of the subordination and voluntary slavery. We are anarchists of praxis and everlasting enemies of your laws, prisons and courts. We know that insurrection is often a lonely and difficult path, but we would chose the same path, no matter how many time we would get to live.


Conspiracy of Cells of Fire FAI / IRF

Imprisoned Members’ Cell




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