Update on anarchist prisoners Gianluca, Adriano, Daniele and Francesco (Italy)

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Italy: A contribution from anarchist comrade Gianluca Iacovacci from
Alessandria prison

Italy: Text by Adriano Antonacci on the refusal of the trial via teleconference

Italy: Trial against anarchist comrades Gianluca and Adriano postponed to 4th July

Italy: Operation Ardesia: anarchist comrades Daniele Casalini and Francesco Gioia jailed owing to residual sentence

Updates on the show trial against Gianluca and Adriano

On the 26th of May the first hearing in videoconference of the trial against Gianluca and Adriano was held. Some time ago Gianluca had decided to reject the defence revoking his lawyer. Furthermore, both Gianluca and Adriano decided, as a gesture of non-cooperation with the show trial on videoconference, not to attend it, not even through the monitors.

The hearing was postponed to the 4th of July because, according to what
the judge said, on the court documents it appeared as if Gianluca had
appointed another lawyer, unbeknownst to both the same appointed lawyer
and to the many comrades that hold with Gianluca an intense correspondence. Thus we decided to try to clarify this thing in order to find an answer to this incongruence. At the end the mystery was solved: Gianluca never intended to appoint a lawyer but from many elements we found out that there was an error in the prison of Alessandria, where Gianluca is locked.

Therefore we reconfirm Gianluca’s choice not to be defended by any lawyer, and we remind the 4th of July as date of the trial of Gianluca and Adriano.

We invite everyone to show solidarity to the two comrades and to expose the ‘infamous’ use of videoconference as additional tool of isolation.

Rete Evasioni

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