Multiple claims for new urban guerrilla actions by Network Revolutionary Cells (Czech Republic)

325 receives and transmits several communiques:

Communique for the attack of a police car in Prague

In Prague on Feb 13th 2014, a Molotov attack on a police car took place on Hostivařská street. The attack was claimed by the Black Brigade, an autonomous network of revolutionary cells. The blow struck the defender of the capitalist system and was an act of solidarity with victims of police repression, in this case those who were evicted from Neklanka squat on 7th February 2014 and for those who stand trial after being arrested during the eviction for defending the squat.

Unsurprisingly, we waited a long time for our enemies response, as was the case of an attack on a police car in Janov, an event only briefly mentioned in the Comprehensive situational report by the Ministry of Internal Affairs. We do not expect that the message of our actions will be spread by the enemy, and the fact that the event is almost silent does not mean that the content of the actions ceased to exist. We have our own channels and we intend to use them to explain our actions.

This time we attacked because we don’t want to passively watch as the cops take people’s homes, we will not close our eyes when people are driven out on to the street in freezing weather. We push hard because we do not accept the bourgeois right to leave the uninhabited houses to unnecessary decay or demolition, that they cannot serve the people.

We fully support squatting as part of revolutionary practice, as practical expropriation, preventing houses being abused for the accumulation of profit, at the expense of the public. Instead, changing it into a resource to meet human needs.

Showing support for squats usually means facing the police attacks and provocations, as was the case during the Neklanka eviction. Some of those who refused to accept police aggression were arrested and two people sent to court. It is not important if they committed the crime they were accused of, or if it was a police fabrication. Two people were charged and forced on trial for the defence of human dignity and squatting. This is reason enough for us to be in solidarity with them and support them.

From our actions it is clear that we do not intend to express solidarity in the courthouses where the enemies dominate. We understand very well that the court is one of the bodies of power which helps capitalism to function. So if we mention solidarity we do not mean the humble supplications of understanding on the part of the judges, with solidarity we mean conflict with agents of oppression and to confront their structures. On February 2014 we attacked the police, next time it could be any other institution or person protecting the capitalist system.

We refuse to submit to undignified conditions of the system.

We seek its destruction , therefore we will continue to fight !

Black Brigade – Network Revolutionary Cells (CB – SRB) – April 2014

Source: http://jailbreaking.noblogs.org/post/2014/04/30/komunike-k-utoku-na-policejni-auto-v-praze/

Communiqué: Sabotage of the construction of a luxury residential building in Prague

On the morning of May 1st 2014 a revolutionary cell sabotaged the construction of luxury residential buildings in Prague. Actions are considered to be part of an offensive against the apparatuses of domination and exploitation. We see it also as a sincere critique – aimed at our ranks. Criticism, which is not limited to words, but about acts that are outlining possible alternatives.

The anarchist movement has too often focused on activities that are predictable, manageable and lack subversive content, a good example is the tradition of Mayday marches in the country. These events are organised in a way that provides the enemy with information about the times and locations of our movement. Removing the possibility to utilise the powerful weapon of surprise. It allows the repressive forces to mobilise and ensure that the action does not exceed that of a moderate framework. Any tendencies toward subversive action are tamed or prevented from fruition through the restrictions and the policing of our movement.

The state and institutions of repression were this time misguided. Usually they are organising with the logic and means to monitor the time and place of our movements, the methods and content of our activities and prior knowledge of selected targets. We attacked without warning. The element of surprise allowed us to retreat to safety before the enemy could mobilise their repressive forces. They did not know when or where to come, making it impossible for them to prepare effectively. They certainly do not constitute the material damage as the biggest problem, but more so the unaccountability of the way in which these activities were achieved. They realise that anyone can replicate such activities with minimum resources. An organised manifestation of a thousand can be easily controlled and pacified, as opposed to minor acts of sabotage that can expand uncontrollably and undermine the existing system.

The fight is not just a question of methods, but also choosing suitable targets to attack. This time, the action of our revolutionary cell was aimed at the construction of luxury residential buildings in Prague and the ever growing gentrification of Prague. Damaging the Facade was an attack on the commercial interests of developers and the continuing destruction of the city in favour of the capitalist class. Public space is retreating inch by inch, and instead of serving the interests of everyone, it disappears under construction sites. Whilst rent is ever rising and more people are forced to live on the streets, luxury apartments and offices are constantly being churned out for the wealthiest.

Network of revolutionary cells attacked again. Our fight is far from complete. Other acts of rebellion will follow, blocking, damaging or destroying instruments of oppression and exploitation. The system we stand against is kept alive by passivity and silence, we decided to step out of the conformity of these crowds whose silence maintains the status quo.

Our way is the path of resistance and our every step disrupts capitalist normality. We have no ambitions of power, our goal is to destroy power, once and for all.

Network Revolutionary Cells – 1/5/2014

Source: http://jailbreaking.noblogs.org/post/2014/04/30/komunike-k-utoku-na-policejni-auto-v-praze/

Attack on camera and toll booth (CR)

We were inspired by several communiques that recently disrupted the reformist stereotypical anarchist movement. We add the following to the Network Revolutionary Cells. Our first act was an attack on CCTV. We caused material damage to structures and businesses that benefit from watching people to gain profit. Furthermore, we believe that CCTV is used as an alibi against direct action. Cameras are not omnipotent.

The slogan of our time is constant movement. This effort to build an absolute fluidity and mobility of all is subject to constant supervision. All movements are controlled, monitored and recorded. Hundreds of thousands of cameras that guard our lives constantly remind us that the ‘decent citizens’ have nothing to fear, especially those restrained many who bow their heads accordingly. However, not everyone is willing to simply survive and bow before the the law, some of us prefer to listen to the voice of our hearts which carries the fire of anarchy. some of us took the fire from our hearts and materialised it into an incendiary bomb and placed it into the toll gate service boxes on the highway near the town of Zlin. For a few moments on the night of May 8th 2014, the night was illuminated with the dust of our enemies.
Extended and stronger, we grow into an infinitely expanding network of revolutionary cells.

Network Revolutionary Cells 05/08/2014

source: http://alerta.cz/?p=7694

Communiqué : Arson attack on DD Technik Ltd.

We destroyed the cops that herded into our minds as we climbed the fence of the guardians of capitalism, with steely determination to promote the joint struggle of revolutionary networks of cells. On Saturday 24th May 2014, on the streets of Prague, we made an unexpected visit to the company DD Technik Ltd, who grow rich from the sale of cameras and other instruments of observation. On their doorstep we left a fiery message, flames, smoke and ash spoke for themselves: those who will not submit to control, resist and won’t let you sleep in peace.

Thousands of cameras watch our steps, overt surveillance is to force us to march, like the capitalists and authorities in charge. Videos are used to capture those who do not want to comply. Under such conditions many believed that CCTV made resistance against oppression inconceivable. We dispel this myth! It can be resisted and even in the city centre where a flock of cameras are watching our movements. With regard to the location of the selected targets, it was a carefully planned attack to damage only the outer part of the building. The aim was to achieve maximum material damage to the enemy. The point was to show that the resistance in such territories is achievable. We succeeded!

The arson attack was carried out deliberately on the day of elections to the European Parliament, at a time when the working class are being cradled and guaranteed freedom and parliamentary democracy. With direct action we want to remind you that the proletariat must fight for freedom beyond the ballot box, choosing more than those parliamentary politicians. We do not think that this small act of defiance in itself will awaken the sleeping masses, but whatever happens, it may provide a little encouragement for those already sleeping who so far, decided not to wake up and fight.

When reading the SRB [NRC] communique from May 1st 2014, a very important point stuck in our minds, that the resistance force is uncontrollable.

Let the battle of the Revolutionary Cells expand uncontrollably like the spread of an oil spill in water.

Network Revolutionary Cells 24.05.2014

Source: http://alerta.cz/?p=7759

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