Athens: Update on the trial of the Velvento robbery case (Greece)

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On July 4th continued the terror-court in Koridallos for the robbery in Velvedo, with the reading out of the indictment documents, a procedure that began in the previous session. Two sessions came before that, in which the witnesses that were examined were the cops of the DIAS group and cops from the cop car that sped to arrest comrades G.Mihailidis, N.Romanos and A.D.Bourzoukos. All these witnesses, in order to cover the torturing that took place in Veria police station, testified that in order to immobilize the comrades they clashed with them and in the scuffle the comrades were injured.

The defence advocates proved that their claims were false and with no base, because if the comrades wanted to resist in order to avoid arrest, they could have used their weapons and not their hands.

The chairman of this terror court A.Potamianos attempted to begin the hearing by reading three Laboratory Expertise reports of the Directorate of Forensic Research, concerning the examination of DNA illegally taken by the accused comrades.

Defence advocate A.Paparousou asked for the reports not to be read, because her client A.D.Bourzoukos is in the prison “hospital”, and the reports are incomplete, because they are not accompanied by all the documents describing the procedure. This is why the court should not rely on these reports. She also asked that all documents are read and that the new provisions included in the new prison legislation are not applied yet.

Defence advocate Sp.Fitrakis also asked for all documents to be read, in the order they are in the indictment, while comrade A.Dalios asked for the same thing.

Thus began the reading of the documents with the first which was a report for an investigation at ahouse of a person who ahd nothing to do with the case on trial. A dialogue started between advocates A.Paparousou, Sp.Fitrakis and the chairman of the terror-court. They clarified that the report does not concern the house her client lived in, but another house, of a person who has nothing to do with the case, and that it was put in the indictment in order to create a political climate.

Comrade D.Politis, commenting on the matter, said that since the Anti-terrorist force puts the documents in, they must all be read out. After that they read out a report on the search of comrade A.D.Bourzoukos family house. Advocate A.Paparousou stressed that the Anti-terrorist knew that that the comrade did not live there, but carried out the search for other purposes.

Another report that was read out was about a bag that was searched that although was found in the area, but it was obvious that the comrades had not thrown it away. In another report it was mentioned that the police praised the tellar who used the timer in order to delay the robbers. A.Paparousou stressed that the move to of the police to praise the teller was ridiculous, because using the timer during the robbery endangers the lives’ of citizens. Such a move derives from the attitude of the police to prioritize the safekeeping of the banks money and not the safety of the citizens.

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