Report on the solidarity hunger-strikes for the Greek prisoners (Germany & Switzerland)

The hunger-strike took place 18-20 July 2014. The participants were a total of seven prisoners: Ahmet Düzgün Yüskel, Andreas Krebs, Oliver Rast, R., Sadi Özpolat, Thomas Meyer-Falk in Germany, and Marco Camenisch from Switzerland.

Ahmet Yüksel Düzgün

Because of his work as a lawyer for political prisoners in Turkey, he had to leave the country and was arrested in Germany in 2007 because of § 129b [terrorist association]. He was imprisoned in Stuttgart-Stammheim and was also on trial and sentenced there in the process bunker. After his imprisonment he was subjected to the residence rule, e.g. he was allowed to remain in a certain district only. He disregarded this rule and was arrested in Greece and delivered to Germany in May this year. There he faces the extradition to Turkey.

About the strike he wrote: “I was able to do my solidarity hunger strike without any problems.”


Ahmet Düzgün Yüksel

Oberhausen Str.30
40472 Ratingen

Andreas Krebs

He is in his early 40 and has been imprisoned for over 16 years. He is a rebellious prisoner and participated in several hunger strikes and also tried to escape twice. He achieved that in the Aschaffenburg jail more than 30 prisoners expressed their solidarity with the solidarity strike.

“But even though not many participated, or maybe one or the other was influenced by the system, I’m proud that so many have agreed to do a common solidarity hunger strike, despite the difficult circumstances.

It shows that if we are really determined, we can make things happen. I am currently considering a further action and I would be very happy if we can continue to expect support from a number of prisoners.

About the Greek prisoners I would say that even if we are separated by borders, we are still united and they can count on us.

You are not alone, just like everyone else in the world.”


Andreas Krebs
PO Box 1 0 01 41
63701 Aschaffenburg

Marco Camenisch
from Switzerland, more than 20 years in jail, also took part in the solidarity hunger strike:

“Against the repressive legislative package that has been adopted these days by the fascist EU model-state of Greece, which also provides for the establishment of maximum security prisons and other aggravations, especially against the militant prisoners, I am participating in the scheduled solidarity initiative, from 18 – 07/20/2014, together with masses of Greek people fighting inside and outside of the prisons.

Let’s strengthen them in the common struggle of the internationalist revolutionary forces and people against repression and exploitation!”


Marco Camenisch
Prison Bostadel
PO Box 38
CH-6313 Menzingen

Oliver Rast

He is a prisoner of the Militant Group-trials [radical left urban guerrilla group in Germany].

“The (provisional) suspension of the hunger strike is not at all the end of the prison struggle. In their declaration the prisoners have assured, that they “will move to more dynamic forms of action”, if the repression in connection with the establishment of the C-type wings will grow.

We are supporting the rebellious and political prisoners, as well as those activists in front of the prison gates, to maintain the diversity of forms of action against the threat of isolation torture that follows the model of Western European isolation torture-prisons.”


Oliver Rast
JVA Tegel
Seidelstr. 39
13507 Berlin


R. has also participated in the hunger strike in solidarity with the struggling prisoners in Greece. He is incarcerated in a forensic psychiatric ward and has refused the food despite his difficult general physical condition.

He writes: “[…..] The fight against tyranny in jail, is passing over the oceans and disregarding borders and countries as well […..] I will also refuse the food until 07/21/2014 and I am doing this as my contribution to the struggle of the revolutionary and rebellious prisoners in the prisons in Greece.

Have courage to fight – Have courage to win – Vive l’Anarchie!”

Solidarity greetings, more information or contact: soliwerkstatt@riseup.net

Sadi Özpolat

In a § 129b – trial before the Higher Regional Court of Dusseldorf in early 2012, Sadi Özpolat was sentenced to six years in prison. In Turkey Sadi was in prison for 17 years. He participated in the 1996 death fast and at the beginning of the century he was the speaker of the hunger-striking prisoners. In a battle against the introduction of isolation torture “Made in Stammheim”, now lasting for almost 7 years, about 122 people have died.

Sadi was arrested on 19 May 2010 in Colmar, France and due to an arrest request by the Attorney General in Germany, he was deported in July 2010 to Germany and put into prison.

In Germany he went into a hunger strike several times to fight for better conditions.

He recently let us know:
“Today is my 3rd day is the solidarity hunger strike against the new Greek prison system “Type C”. It is my small gesture of solidarity to the Greek prisoners.
With revolutionary greetings”


Sadi Özpolat
Krümmede 3
44791 Bochum

Thomas Meyer-Falk is an anarchist Red-Skin

“I myself spent 11 years in solitary confinement (1996-2007) and am presently in “preventive detention”, a detention measure that is based on a law introduced by the Nazis on 24.11.1933.”

He further wrote in his solidarity message:
“So my heart beats for the comrades’ battle in Greece. Let’s stand up and persevere – not only against the neo-fascist government plans within the prisons, but also against the plans to reach out for those who are fighting the extorsive politics of the European Union.

For a society without prisons!”


According to the information we received, the prisoners were able to complete their solidarity action, except for one exception. Andreas Krebs told us this:

“On July 14, the prisoner Alexey Puchkov was at night taken from the arrest in Landshut by the local security troupes and brought to the JustizvoIIzugsanstaIt Nuremberg, Mannertstrasse 6 in 90429 Nuremberg.

He is currently being held in solitary confinement, which means isolation.

In the beginning of last week, Alexey again went into a hunger and thirst strike, because of the persistent harassment and reprisals by the deputy of the JVA. He lost 7 kg within four days.

He is accused of having tried to incite a riot amongst the other Russian prisoners, by collecting signatures and by calling for a common hunger strike in support of the Greek prisoners. Even as he went into his hunger strike, all Russian prisoners and others joined him in his hunger strike to show their solidarity. So that is the reason for the sudden transfer to another prison where he has been put in solitary confinement.”


In Zurich a banner action has taken place and as Indymedia reported, there was a militant attack against Coca Cola Hellenic in Zug.

In Germany, posters in solidarity with the current (prisoners) struggles against the prison society has been seen.


The interaction of rebellious and political prisoners is a strong perspective of the prison struggle. We can pull on two strands: on the one hand with establishing a prisoners’ union we can create a mass base which focuses on everyday (economic) claims concerning all of the prisoners in their prisons. On the other hand, we, as political, revolutionary, proletarian and free prisoners can organize with the “Rote Hilfe International (RHI)” and bring about a strengthening of the international solidarity among imprisoned activists from various organizations and liberation movements. Let us use our ability to coordinate.

Solidarity with the prisoners in struggle and imprisoned comrades in Greece!

Oliver Rast

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