Zug: Coca Cola Hellenic attacked with pyrotechnics in solidarity with prisoners hunger-strike (Switzerland)


Today, 13 July 2014, we attacked the seat of Coca Cola Hellenic Bottling Company (HBC) at the Turmstrasse 30 in 6300 Zug with pyrotechnics.

We act in solidarity with the struggle of the prisoners in Greece against a “memorandum of prisons” (citation from Kostas Gournas – Revolutionary Struggle – and Dimitris Koufoudinas – 17th November). The memorandum of prisons is in line with different steps aiming to completely restructure Greek society as part of the capitalist attempt to overcome the crisis since 2008. The conditions of the Troika (IMF, ECB and the EU-Commission) which were attached to the credits did not stop at anything. The public health sector, public welfare, infrastructure – everything was trimmed to their satisfaction, what promised profit was generally privatized or sold to other countries (recently representatives of the Chinese government visited Greece for a shopping tour, they were shown airports and ports), jobs were cut and whatever didn’t return profit was liquidated.

And so the Troika restructured Greek society hand in hand with the Greek bourgeoisie, aiming to get the country into a state where it could participate in the capitalist process of production once again. This restructuring didn’t stop at the prison walls, here too there shall be an adaptation to European standards (i.e. the situation of the prisons gets worse). After the Greek government (pressured by the US government) were able to present the smashing of the Revolutionary Struggle [sic!] after 9/11 and before Olympia in Athens as an example of their clampdown, their balance looks much worse now. Armed struggle was continued (by Revolutionary Struggle, but also by other groups) and militants who were in trial or prison disappeared into illegality to return again with new direct actions.

And so the Greek government (presumably under international pressure once again) returned to a project that had been prevented by strong resistance 12 years ago: the reform of the prison system to European “standards”. Important aspects therein: the isolation of political prisoners and of those who protest against conditions in prison, the elimination of furlough and visits in prison, the passing on of competence concerning releases etc. to the bosses of the prisons, allowing actions of special units of Greek police in prisons… An abundance of information about the consequences of this reform can be found on the usual internet pages.

We solidarise ourselves with the struggle of the prisoners in Greece against this reform. More than 4000 prisoners have begun a cycle of struggle by refusing prison food and call for different actions of solidarity. We chose Coca Cola HBC because it is exemplary for the rascals within the Greek bourgeoisie (in this case the Leventis family). Fearing the increase of taxes (as part of the conditions attached to the Troika-credits) they fled to the tax haven Zug (other stories of Greek capital flight are the 200 billion Euro from Greece in Swiss bank accounts or the absconding of Farge – the biggest firm in the milk industry of Greece – to Luxembourg). And so the formerly largest firm at the stock exchange of Athens moved to Zug. This was not enough: As a protest against the revision of cartel laws in Switzerland, Coca Cola HBC is considering ending production in Brüttisellen (ZH) – 900 jobs would be lost.

Enough reasons for us to go and visit them and remind them that there is no quiet hinterland for them. The best form of revolutionary international solidarity is to attack the common enemy, international capital, in your own country.

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Source: http://ch.indymedia.org/de/2014/07/92757.shtml

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