Rio de Janeiro: Semana Internacional de Solidariedade axs Presxs (Brazil)

Muralismo, Filmes, Oficinas, Apresentacoes e Performances, Debates anti-carcerarios, mini-cursos, Gig contra as prisoes…

ABC Rio de Janeiro

We are passing through a moment when there is a lot of discussions about political prisoners in Brazil, and especially in our town, Rio de Janeiro. To us all prisoners are political prisoners, nowadays we hear a lot this sentence, but we don’t discuss it’s real meaning and implications. We would like to take a deeper look at questions related do incarceration in our society and among our fellow comrades. Therefore we invite everyone to take part in the activities of the International Week of Solidarity with prisoners here in Rio de Janeiro, from the 23 of August to the 31.

We chose August 23 as a starting point, because on that very day in 1927 the
Italian-American anarchists Nicola Sacco and Bartolomeo Vanzetti were executed in prison, as part of an anti-anarchist campaign lead by the US government. Last year several Anarchist Black Cross Collectives gathered to call for an International Week of Solidarity with Anarchists Prisoners. This week has been thought to give visibility and international support to the anarchists kidnapped by the State, and to discuss issues related to prison itself. We, from Cruz Negra Anarquista do Rio de Janeiro want to take part in this international effort by organizing activities in our town. We want to give support to our sisters and brothers of struggles that are in anyway arrested (detained, running, processed risking years in prison, etc), but we would also like to discuss the very existence of prisons. To us, all prison is a political prison because to commit a crime means to do something against the laws that the State enforce. Who controls the rules is the State, who decides who goes to jail or not is also the State. And since the State defends the interest of a determined social class, in Brazil the majority of the people arrested are black and poor.
This is no coincidence…

Even worse is the situation of indigenous prisoners. They are not even reported in the records. In Brazil, justice says there are no indigenous prisoners. However we know that a noticeable part of the incarcerated population in the north and the north-east of Brazil are of indigenous origin. This people are also victims of exclusion and racism and end up going to jail a lot more. One of our objectives is to discuss indigenous prisoners, a neglected subject.

Beginning in the 23 of August we will have activities in different places, debates, movies, muralism, theater, shows, and a lot more. In the 28, 29, 30 and 31 of August we want to make an Encounter with people from all over the country and from other countries also. This encounter will take place in CESAC (a 21 years old indigenous squat in the suburbs of Rio, in the Juramentinho favela).

There will be place for camping, and a collective kitchen for the days of the Encounter. Everyone is invited, as long as they are not people with attitudes that are racists, homophobic, sexist, normative or of any authoritarian or fascists look alike.

Whoever wants to help us, please write us:

Cruz Negra Anarquista do Rio de Janeiro
Ⓐ Coletivo Anti-Carcerário Ⓐ

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