Mostar: Program of 8th Balkan Anarchist Bookfair (Bosnia & Herzegovina)

Program of 8th Balkan Anarchist Bookfair: Over the Walls of Nationalism

Eighth Balkan Anarchist Bookfair will take place in Mostar on 5th and 6th of September 2014 as part of Anti-Fascist festival, annual Mostar event.

We invite all anarchist/antiauthoritarian groups, individuals, publishers, initiatives and projects from Balkan (and beyond) to come and participate at BAB in discussions and meetings which will help us build solidarity networks and strong anti-nationalist and anti-capitalist movement. Mostar in many ways represent misery that is imposed on big part of Balkan through divisions created by nationalism, war and fight for power between political elites which were and still are working on destruction of all social
networks in town that go beyond these artificial “differences”. All this fits perfect to capitalist logic of “divide and rule”, since it’s used as tool for prevention of all social revolts and attempts to build up social connections that were violently broken.

Even today, almost 20 years after the war, Mostar doesn’t live like one town. Still, town did see new ways of resistance to imposed normality of nationalism and capitalism.

At this years BAB we will discuss about anti-nationalist and anti-capitalist struggles, anarchist anti-war initiatives and solidarity actions, exchange ideas and strategies, and above all, show that our solidarity goes beyond all borders and divisions created by authority and state.

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Bookfair program

All discussions and evening program take place at *OKC Abrašević, Alekse Šantića 25, Mostar* (see map)

*FRIDAY, 5th of September 2014*

12:00 – 13:15

*Social Movement in Bosnia and Herzegovina after February (2014) uprising*

Social uprising of Bosnian people has shown us the strength of unity and all the misery and repression of the state and political class towards the citizens. But it didn’t initiate creation of social movement that would keep the struggle going. Will small activist groups start working together closely, or will they remain self-sufficient, those are some of the questions that are going to be discussed.

13:30 – 14:00

*Drawings exhibition by Emir Hodzic*

14:30 – 15:15

*Talk and discussion: Indigenous Resistance to Global Warming*

15:30 – 17:00

*Anarchist solidarity and anti-war initiatives*
*a recollection from Croatia.*

There is no objective history. There are only different interpretations of what has happened and a very clear idea that the “ordinary”, “little” people are the victims of all systems, whether these systems are founded on this or that ideology, nationalism, religion…

The wars that took part during the nineties produced only victims. Victims were caused by the media propaganda, nationalism, the states and their leaderships, local thugs, different obeyers, the ones who “carried out the orders”…

In a situation like that, mass war psychosis, there were still pockets of resistance to the conflict, nationalism, hate and the war itself, although it was all around us and became the integral part of our lives. The new normality. We will talk about (probably with the help of some of the participants in the events that we will describe) anarchist actions of solidarity, different anti-war initiatives and their influence during the nineties.

*SATURDAY, 6th of September 2014*

All day: photo exhibition Bruxelles ‘March for Freedom’

*13:00 – 14:00*

*European immigration and antifascism*

*14:00 – 14:30*

*Presentation of the Koko Lepo autonomous kindergarten*

The Koko Lepo autonomous kindergarten was formed in June 2013. It works with between fifteen and twenty-five children from a slum near its home, the Inex squat in Karaburma, Belgrade. Mixing alternative pedagogical practices with basic integration skills, Koko Lepo’s teaching members hold a four-hour class including a hot lunch before walking the children back home. Depending on the season and teacher availability, the kindergarten runs three to five days a week and has had a positive effect in the slum bringing children from diverse and often mutually antagonistic clans together in a safe and productive project. It also brings in adolescent members of the settlement as helpers to encourage a sense of community and ownership. Koko Lepo does not work with the State or NGOs and is funded solely from benefit parties, the solidarity efforts of anti-fascist and anarchist groups, and contributions from the general public. The classes encourage autonomy, gender equality, worldliness, and communication while
simultaneously focusing on basic motor skills, basic reading/writing, self-awareness, and general sociability.

*14:30 – 15:30*

*Young Bosnia and anarchism*

Centenary of the Sarajevo assassination has been used as a platform for new ideological confrontations and biased and revisionist readings of history.

Young Bosnia has become an instrument in the hands of various nationalist ideologies, but likewise, the anarchists were not immune to superficial claims of this group as their own. What was the real relation of members of Young Bosnia towards anarchism? How does this go in hand with their national-liberation ideology?

*15:30 – 17:00*

*CrimethInc: After the Crest: What We Do between Upheavals*

Over the past few years, many places have witnessed sudden eruptions of protest in which everyone pours into the streets. This has taken many forms: anti-austerity protests in Europe, Occupy in the US and elsewhere, transportation protests in Brazil, the Gezi resistance in Turkey, the uprising in Bosnia, and most recently—and problematically—the nationalist revolution in Ukraine.
But all of these have passed without solving the problems that gave rise to them. What limits have they reached, and what would it take to go beyond these limits? If a single upheaval won’t bring down capitalism, we have to ask what’s important about such high points of struggle: what we hope to get out of them, how they figure in our long-term vision, and how to make the most of the period that follows them.

In this presentation, participants in popular struggles in Slovenia and the United States will speak about our experiences and pose questions. Please come ready to discuss!

Music/evening program of the antifa fest/balkan anarchist bookfair:


Renovatio (Hip Hop/Albanija)

Crustalno jasno

POPIK (Punk Rock/Sarajevo/BiH)

Punkart (Punk/Tuzla/BiH)

Zadnji popis (Punk/Srebrenica/BiH)


Triptamin (Mostar)

Hellback (Crust/HC/Punk/Požega/HR)

Više od milimetra (Post Punk/Temerin/SR)

No Rules (Garage R’n’R/Tuzla/BiH)

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