Passers-by injured in explosive attack, confusions, reflections, responses, arrested people & communique (Chile)

Responses to Attack on Transit Hub in Chile

Our best intentions, visions, ideas and methods can always end up in the hands of fools or enemies who seek to undermine us. As has been written by various individuals or groups over the last couple of weeks, a critique of society as a function of power and domination does not legitimate attacks in public places full of random people whose relationship with the power structure is unknown and with such a high probability of error and accident. This kind of attack is not the logical conclusion of our arguments and analyses, although individual civilians may at times constitute a target when they clearly ally themselves with power in a given situation involving their active complicity and force. Moreover, I think that even to put one’s faith in the police to ‘do the right thing’ and evacuate an area is an error. We have to carry out rigorous logistical checks and balances on our explosive/incendiary deeds without putting misplaced trust in State functionaries. The State has much more to gain from allowing civilians to be wounded or killed as a result of such deeds than from rescuing anarchist groups from their own stupidity, if that is indeed who was responsible – the para-state and far-right often use these kind of tactics, not anarchists and nihilists. I cannot talk for the CCF, but I don’t feel this action to be an expression of the words and deeds of Conspiracy of Cells of Fire in Greece whose intelligence, integrity and wisdom of deed I trust absolutely, as an expression of my own projectuality. V.Q.

I point out that from my understanding of the Angry Brigade of UK, that this group would have never have carried out such a poorly executed and suspiciously ignorant attack as the ones performed in Chile against the subway targets. The Angry Brigade were influenced by situationist and libertarian-anarchist ideas, who spoke directly about class violence and the victory of the organised working class. And so, not only do the Angry Brigade have absolutely nothing in common with the operational parameters used by whoever made those attacks, but they seem to have also very little in terms of ideas.

Life in the UK and Ireland has some important lessons for armed direct action groups from one of the longest running and dirty counter-insurgency wars in modern history, the struggle against British colonialism and sectarian violence. Any understanding of virtually all armed violent action in UK and Ireland is informed by that experience, as were the Angry Brigade. All of those who are old enough to remember, on all sides, know what it is like to live under the constant threat that we could be killed by an indiscriminate attack because of the war going on.

And so, despite being very sick of the herd and its values, I remind of the bombing of the town centre of Omagh, County Tyrone, Northern Ireland on Saturday afternoon, 15 August, 1998, which killed 29 and injured 220, and was carried out by men of the Real IRA under surveillance by the British security services and GCHQ, the UK government communications surveillance and spy agency. The bombers carried the explosive device over the border and into a busy shopping district at a peak time and gave a clear warning. Unfortunately, the rest is politics. L.

: Reino Unido: Respuestas Anarquistas Entorno a los Ataques Anarquistas en los Metros en Chile

(Translated by Sin Banderas Ni Fronteras)

On Monday 8 September, a bomb exploded on a transit corridor of a commercial center near to a subway train station at 14 PM. 14 people were injured, including passers and workers that worked cleaning the building.

Government pointed to anarchists, talking about “struggle against terrorism” and that kind of things. They mentioned [smeared] a CCF text (“Let’s become dangerous”) and the anarchist meeting in Mèxico in December, 2013, as examples of instances where there were apparently reflections on the idea of attacking civilians. Also they mentioned about comrades from Chile that travelled to Mexico.

In the first day after that fact, some people and comrades thought that it could be the action from fascist or paramilitary groups, because the place, really, is not exclusive of powerful people.

Also, some anarchist action groups spoke about the importance of making clear and not blind attacks, considering civil people as targets only when they are clear representatives of power and never leaving the safety of our actions to chance.

However, today, on Thursday, September 18, a group finally claimed the action taking the name of the Conspiracy of Cells of Fire. They say that they wanted to hit a bourgeois shopping center and called police 10 minutes before the explosion. They said that they lamented the injured workers and blame the police. Some comrades think that if they did not want to injure ordinary people, they have to choose another target and hour to attack, because the call that they made to the police was a few minutes before the explosion. And, really, the place they chose is not exclusive of powerful people.

Today also, three people were arrested accused of participating in that action. Three men and a woman. One of them shouted to reporters: “Down with the Police State!”. They deny all charges.


Some reflections about the attacks against civilians and passers-by
(September 10 )

On Monday 8 September, a bomb exploded on a transit corridor of a commercial center adjacent to a subway train station. 14 people were injured, including passers-by and workers that worked as cleaning laborers.

The explosive device being a fire extinguisher filled with black powder, the government immediately pointed to anarchist groups, building and feeding social panic in their own favor, and spreading the need to find those responsible … or someone who seems to be.

Being clear, as anti-authoritarians, we do not connect with other people just through the tools used in actions, but we fraternize with the objectives behind an action and its contents, when it is clear and explicit. Therefore, it is important to say that, like it or not, we cannot defend a blind and anonymous attack (not claimed) that damaged passers-by. We know that passers-by are part of the functioning of the social order, but they are clearly not enemies or explicit power holders.

If that action was made by the police, an extreme-right group or some revolutionary group, we can’t know. We will not align with those who condemn the use of violence seeking to end all revolutionary struggle. The polymorphic anti-authoritarian struggle needs violent action, direct and blunt attacks, but it is another different thing to make blind attacks aimed at anyone who passes-by in places that, clearly, are not exclusive of representatives of power.

This is not a new debate, and other comrades have made their position clear in similar situations, so we share today some words of action groups and propaganda groups who have spoken about these issues at a later time. We share this texts for permanent tension taking contributions that other comrades have left over the years, to not losing sight about our goals and projections.

– Words of Anarchist urban guerrilla group “Conspiracy of Cells of Fire” after the bomb attack in Athens that killed a young immigrant boy 15 years old and made serious injuries to her sister and mother in March 2010:

“(…) Our goal is destruction and the police are always warned so they can evacuate the area at all times (…) And so it would be inconsistent and criminally negligent on our part to place a bomb in a densely populated area without a warning call (…) It would be criminal for us to “abandon” the explosive device for about 14 hours, with the possible danger of an explosion that would put passers as victims. (…) Warning calls are always made to at least two mainstream media channels, in order to avoid any misunderstanding on the side of telephone operators and a possible cover-up of the warning call, as has happened in the past for other organizations. In addition, there is always a complete and detailed description not only of the goal, where we put the device, but also a reference to certain roads, the size of the explosive device and relevant advice for evacuation and closure of buildings (…) We are not for judges, prosecutors, police and journalists to get to easy conclusions. At the end of the day, the truth of what happened is only known by the authors of the action. In the possible case that the explosive device was placed by a revolutionary organization then revolutionary dignity dictates a claim for public liability with the corresponding self-criticism to clarify the scene, otherwise the political anonymity sabotages the revolutionary leadership and breaks apart the strategy, the urban guerrilla. (…) The conclusions are many, along with the reminder that if it really is a “blind” attack, then it is a very specific policy trend that is to the right of the State and has a special preference for these practices (Piazza Fontana, Italy – explosive parastatal mandated by the extreme right) under certain conditions of social tension.”

– Words of the action group “Commando Insurreccional Aracely Romo” (Chile) criticizing an attack against a civil house in March 2011:

“(…) We completely reject that action, it does not interpret us, we do not understand it and do not know what objective it seeks except that which harms the struggle against capitalism and rebellious ideas. For us it is either the police at work or paramilitary formations acting under false flags, or are people who have made a big mistake (…) Our actions, which we will not detail now so to not give clues to the police, have always been clear in their purpose, and research is made for the hours of action, the sites and their targets, to keep innocent people out of harm. We even tried to damage only our targets and not nearby homes. For us, actions are a means of propaganda, agitation, sabotage and, sometimes, of direct attack, when corresponding to the cops who have killed our brothers and sisters (…) The moral quality of subversive and revolutionary, does not compare to a policeman, and therefore, we repeat that we have no relation to indiscriminate attacks on the civilian population. In the rare case that the people who attacked a private house, choosing it randomly, come from the anti-capitalist camp, we think they should rethink deeply their political orientations and actions that only benefit the enemy.”

– Words of a propaganda group from Chile written on 2011 about the same issue as that last extract:

“(…) from our position as revolutionary anti-authoritarians, we believe that every action must clarify their purpose and aim to identify the enemy clearly. A passer-by is not a political target for those who want to expand the conflict beyond power (…) The State does not protect its citizens by having affection with them, but because they are servants and resources to dominate, they are just interchangeable parts of a domination chessboard. The death or injury of a citizen does not harm the powerful, on the contrary, they rejoice to know that they have ceased to be a target for attack and the exploited begin to confuse simple revolutionaries as “terrorists”. (…) Citizens are not our comrades, they are servants, but they neither are our main adversary.”

Stay alert and solidarity with those who the enemy tries to show as responsible for this or other attacks, trying to demonstrate control and effectiveness.

For that which does not stop the fight and reflection between comrades

Some indomitable anarchists from the Chilean region.

We are Attack, we are fire against the state
(September 16)

We come from everywhere …

We come from the attacks on police and jailers stations, to powerful centers, churches and institutions of state-capital. We have manufactured explosive devices, we know their uses and consequences and the time to act, we come from the logic and practices of the conspiracy for years.

We organized informally without leaderships and raising autonomy, forging clandestine networks that will not be detected by repression. We continue, because we have never stopped …

About the explosive device detonated in the “Subcentro” recently, which caused various injuries to passers-by, without being judges, we raise and defend our position.

In the actions that we have perpetrated, in the complicities that have materialized, in the attacks developed by other comrades who we don’t know personally, searching anonymously the path of direct action, we always clearly identified the enemy.

The enemy are those who holds power or arms himself in its defense, becoming a target of attacks, but not who endorses or passively succumbs to the domain.

We are not part of the citizenship, as they allow submission and perpetuate order, but that is not to equivocate the role of citizenship with the powerful, the slave with the master. It is not the general public, or any passer-by who is the goal of our actions.

We understand the attack and self-defense as an act that challenges and seeks to hit all the machinery that tries to make us submit, as well as protect us against any repressive advance, independent of the uniform that it could wear.

Whoever decides to take violence to defend the powerful, is situated in the battle field and must bear the cost of that, but this, as another comrades said, is not a blind fight or blind hit without having and clarity about who it hits.

It is the State and its terror politics that considers lives as simply numbers on the statistics of their share of power. We take distance from that in projections and ideas, but especially in practice, which undoubtedly we differ. In this there should not be space for doubt.

We desire and act for destruction and fight the enemy, we arm ourselves to achieve this. We use and demand the use of violence to face authority, but our hits do not seek to cause harm to anyone who just travelled through the city. That would mean that anyone, by the fact of circulating, is an accomplice to power or collaborator, with absolutely no fundamental reality to support that. Those are not our ways, not the fundamental point of view nor the horizon of the road of direct action that we walk for years.

Just as we do not let our security by at random, learning from own advanced techniques of the enemy, we also do not give space to random about the safety of those who can hang around our targets of attack. So we do not trust or delegate the care of any civilian to the good work of the police in the area of cordon or evacuation. We are not indifferent to the pain or injury that a simple passer-by may receive.

It is not the citizens who should fear for our actions. If they feel terror it should be for the misery of life imposed by the State, through each of the gears that make the machinery of destruction, by the police easily shooting them down, by the criminalization of any behavior that is out of the established norms, by the economic asphyxia that leads to suicide or by the advancement of social control. Those who should fear our actions, in every aspect of their lives and security, are the representatives of dominion … We are approaching.

We don’t write to condemn the use of violence, but to vindicate the uses we have communicated, by making clear our ideas in the insurrection, which do not consider as an attack on civilians.

The call is to act, in complicity and affinity, proliferating groups of attack, acting for liberation, but considering our goal is to clearly spread who is the enemy to attack. Our practices are part of the message. Our strokes should be accurate, without fear, without inaccuracies.

The State is the Terrorist

We salute the recent attacks on churches and police stations

Against all forms of power. For Anarchy and Total Liberation … We continue to grow …

Attacks Cells for Liberation


Santiago, Chile: Claim of bombings in the subway stations “Los Dominicos” y Escuela Militar”

(September 18)

“Life is so boring that we have nothing else to do than spend our wages on the latest skirt or shirt. Brothers and sisters, what are your real desires? To be sitting in a bar, looking distant and empty, bored, drinking a tasteless coffee? Or maybe blow it up and burn it down?”
(Angry Brigade)

Our fraction of the Conspiracy of Cells of Fire (CCF) decided to attack on July 23 the Santiago Subway Train Station “Los Dominicos”. The fact caused great political and media frenzy. Bureaucrats and media coordinated their speeches to say that the attack was aimed at passengers who were travelling at that time, and therefore the use of anti-terrorism law was invoked. This action was planned, taking into account the minutes that there were no passengers. We calculated the time the subway train finished the journey and the carriage was saved. The driver moved the artifact bag to another carriage, under a seat, not in the other place in which it was originally installed. This situation was hidden by the media and government agents. We interpret it as a use of the individual to think that maybe he could find anything of value inside the bag, but found to his surprise not what turned out as expected.

As always any action of attack will be prosecuted and punished by the economic power of employers or members of the bourgeoisie, by the powers of the state with its laws, judges, politicians and policemen. The main function of the state is to protect the interests of the rich and powerful, the wealthy or those who benefit from this system of exploitation and domination. The subway train day-to-day transports people, getting huge profits daily. They transport us through the city that consumes our energy in their way of life, where the exploitation of another’s work sets the standard. We attack directly and symbolically the power structures on this land, in Las Condes. Normality works with the city has always been the goal and will remain so.

For this reason on September 8 we decided to attack the sub-center inside the “Military School” subway station. A shopping center of the bourgeoisie, which businessmen make their own to accommodate and market their merchandise which traps people in the spectacle dumbing and appearance. The society that walks in this direction is what we attack. The society of domination that invades all expressions of life. Know that we gave advance notice to the central police number over 10 minutes before detonation, waiting for the police to react evacuating the place, but they ignored this information, detonating the device and wounding several, which we regret. We make clear that our goal was not consumers and or workers, but the structures, properties and minions of power. The police incompetence and ineffectiveness contributed to the damage caused to the injured. The great murderers and terrorists have always been the repressive state apparatus.

We are brothers with all colleagues around the world that face the reality of domination, occupying all the means at hand to attack power.

We send greetings to all comrades who are serving sentences in prisons in the world. Marcelo Villarroel, Freddy Fuentevilla, Carlos Gutierrez, Juan Vega Ready, Hans Niemeyer, Tamara Sol Farias, Monica Caballero, Francisco Solar, Marco Camenisch, Gabriel Pombo da Silva, Alfredo Cospito, Nicola Gai, all brothers of the CCF around the world, Polydoros Giorgos, Hatzimihelakis Haris, Christos Tsakalos, Tsakalos Gerasimos, Panagiotis Argyrou, Michalis Nikolopoulos, Giorgos Nikolopoulos, Olga Ekonomidou, Damianos Bolano, Mavropoulos Theofilos. To all who have been sentenced for dealing in practice to all domination. We remember all those killed in the social war, Mauricio Morales, Sebastián Overluij, to all the comrades who have dared to act … No one is forgotten.

We call on all insurrectionaries to go on the offensive, attacking power in all its forms of domination.

Conspiracy of Cells of Fire (Chile)

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