Update about the 3 arrested comrades accused for explosive attacks (Chile)

(Translated by Sin Banderas Ni Fronteras with info from Refractario)

During the morning of September 18, 2014, several raids shook Santiago seeking to give results to the latest explosives attacks. Finally the police in a broad operation gets the arrest of 3 comrades. According to the press and the police, detention realized thanks to a investigation from the security cameras inside the subway train and a ticket-card used by the suspects.

Comrades arrested are:
Natalie Casanova Muñoz (26 years),
Juan Flores Riquelme (22 years) ,
Guillermo Durán Méndez (25 years).

When comrades were transferred to the “Jusitice Center”, they keep their heads up and Juan shouted “Down with the Police-State!”

The press, as the power carrion, has been reporting about the “dangerous individuals” that “belong to an hermetic anarchist cell”, developing their classic campaign creating an internal enemy.

The detention control in the Justice Center was developed during the afternoon of September 18, with a wide array of security. Prosecutors, seeking to gain time and continue their strategy of terror, decided to request the extension of the detention before even being formalized, using overtime and benefits of the anti-terrorist law.

The comrades will be at the judicial court, next Thursday, 23 September.

As the press of power informs, they will be accused of recent explosive attacks, in particular, the August 11 attacks against two police stations, claimed by C.I.V (International Conspiracy by Revenge) and the recent claiming of the attacks to the Dominicos subway station and the “Subcenter” (where 14 people were injured) by “Conspiracy of Cells of Fire – Chile“.

The comrades were defended by public lawyers, and they denied involvement in the facts. During these 5 days, the prosecution will work with DNA tests that were taken from comrades as well as alleged traces of explosives on clothing and hands.

Juan and Guillermo are arrested in Santiago 1 prison, in solitary individual confinement. Natalie is arrested in San Miguel prison, under the same conditions of isolation.

Facing the repressive onslaught and the Prosecutor and press campaigns, our solidarity goes to the prisoners and their environment. While they are in power’s hand, our solidarity can not wait or be complacent.

Solidarity and action with Juan, Guillermo and Natalie!
Down with the State police and prison!

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