Anarchists cross the border from Turkey in solidarity with fighters in Kurdistan against ISIS (Syria)


In Shingal, Kobane and all Rojava, ISIS is Dehak and the people are Kawa

by Devrimci Anarşist Faaliyet – DAF – Revolutionary Anarchist Action

In Kurdistan, people are fighting against ISIS, “the procreated violence” given birth to by capitalism and the States that start wars for their own benefits. ISIS, the subcontractor of the States that pursue income strategies on the region, is attacking people while yelling “Islamic State!” and “holy war, jihad!”. People are suffering from hunger and thirst, getting ill, getting injured; migrating and dying. They are still fighting in that struggle for existence. People are fighting not for the schemes and strategies around meeting tables, not for income, but for their freedom.

As freedom is to exist in danger of being non-existent. As freedom is to live. Like the fight of Kawa, defending the life by resisting against Dehaks.

And now the USA, the EU, Turkey, all the states that have expectations of income from the region, are establishing coalitions against ISIS, the “procreated violence” which in reality isn’t a disturbance to them at all. The ones who don’t like their position in the coalition start scheming, relations are getting tense and loose and then tense again, while all the sides are changing their speech from dawn to dusk and acting inconsistently.

After all, this is the most obvious feature of any State. States can’t be expected to stand straight because States are spineless. Spineless States whose only expectation is income, would be founding ISIS yesterday, repenting it today and recognizing the Islamic State tomorrow. And people will always be fighting for their future and their freedom, just like in the past.

Salutations to everyone who fights and defends life in Rojava.

All the plots of States and capitalism will be destroyed, procreated violence will be extinguished, ISIS will lose against the freedom fighters and the people will be victorous as always. We take our belief in freedom from Kawa, who stood against Dehak. And we take our belief from the many comrades fighting against Dehaks.


Devrimci Anarşist Faaliyet



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