War against ISIS/Daesh: 13th October report of the battle for Kobane from YPG Media Center (Kurdistan)

The unyielding resistance of Kobane continues for the 28th day as our strongmen and great people are fighting back against terrorists and writing heroic epics.

Terrorists affiliated to ISIS have raged attacks from three directions of Kobane city by all means; tanks, artillery and armored vehicles, however they could not advance after fierce clashes took place. Meanwhile ISIS thugs, this morning, attacked from the eastern front and border region, whereas they were repelled by YPG/YPJ fighters after severe clashes.

On the southern and southwestern front of Kobane city, ISIS terrorists carried out offensives against our units where violent clashes took place at close distance, as a result heavy losses were inflicted among them. At least 53 terrorists were killed, many others were wounded, a lot of ammunition including 21 AK 47 rifles, 2 pistols were seized by our units and many heavy weaponry and armored vehicles were destroyed.

As well, on the eastern front clashes have continued against the mercenaries, yesterday night until early morning, when they attempted to attack Kaniya Kurda area using a car-bomb which was targeted by our fighters and was destroyed. At the same time, a suicide attacker was killed and clashes erupted leading to 15 terrorists dead and a BKC machine gun, RPG launcher and 7 ISIS’s corpses seized by our forces and the battle continues.

Elsewhere, near Mishtenur hill, fierce clashes took place between our fighters and ISIS terrorists and also on the southern front where mercenaries sustained heavy losses, consequently they set fire to the Red Crescent Centre [equivalent of the Red Cross].

Such a brave resistance shown by our units yesterday with no casualties reported. This morning on the eastern front and due to severe clashes, our comrade, Rojda Akhin, was martyred while defending her land and fighting back those barbaric terrorists.

On the other hand, two days ago, in Serekaniye countryside, our fighters carried out an operation against ISIS terrorists on the southern and eastern west fronts which left a military vehicle destroyed and those inside were killed near Dahma and al-Rawiye villages.

Our units carried out another operation against ISIS posts which destroyed two positions belonging to them and this morning, near Dahma village, clashes erupted which left 19 ISIS members killed.

In a relevant context, YPG/YPJ fighters launched an attack on ISIS terrorists near Jadida village south east of Jaz’a town where a vehicle was destroyed, mercenaries were killed and 4 others wounded.

YPG Media Centre


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