War against ISIS/Daesh: 8 Questions about the “Weapons for Rojava” Campaign (Kurdistan)

From InsurrectionNews:

1. Why did you decide to start a campaign to raise money for YPG?

The fascists of the so called “Islamic State” started their massacres in the middle east some month ago. Several thousand people have already been killed. Neither the central government of Iraq nor the Peshmerga, the troops of the Barzani-Clan, were
willing and able to stop them. The army of the YPD, the peoples defence militia of YPG and YPJ in cooperation with the PKK were the only ones who helped the Yezidis to escape. Right now, the IS wants to eliminate the autonomous Kurdish-ruled regions of Syria, known as Rojava. The specialty of this autonomous region is that its society is build on a system of a self-governance, equal rights for people of different beliefs, religion, nationalities and gender. It is thereby probably the most progressive force of the region. The imperialist countries are not in favour to defend this region and its population, their ally Turkey has closed the border and nearly no weapons reach the army of YPG/YPJ. We as revolutionaries, as internationalists decided to support the militia of Rojava, in the hope to prevent the slaughter of a whole population. We know that this is only a very small contribution to the fight against the fascists and we are aware about the necessity to organise the fight against the imperialist system that brought them up.

2. Which are the involved organisations?

The campaign was started last week by the New Anticapitalist Organisation and the Antifascist Revolutionary Action Berlin. Also a Group so called “Perspektive Kurdistan” In the last days several groups from every part of the left offered their support for the campaign. Questions about the possibility of contribution arrive every ten minutes, it’s not easy to keep the overview but we are overwhelmed by the absolute positive resonance of this project! On Monday the 13th we will launch the campaign officially with a press-conference, until now it’s spread only via facebook. In the next week we will consolidate our resources to broaden the campaign and see how we can involve all the supporters. We have limited capacities, but the surprisingly success of the campaign motivates us to work 150% for it!

3. What are the response so far in general terms?

We receive positive, excited responses from all over Europe! Not just from political groups of every size, but also from many individual people who say, this campaign is a big step forward, this is what we need! We regret that the huge left, reformist parties and the trade unions remained mute so far. We call everybody who understands themselves as a progressive, as internationalist, as socialist, to support this campaign and to stand against an imperialist intervention in the Middle East.

4. How much money have you raised yet?

We raised about 23.000 Euro in the last 5 days.

5. How do you raise money?

We started the campaign on facebook and spread the call and bank-account mainly there. We also printed posters, stickers and leaflets and distribute them. A lot of people in Germany ask for material, we try so send it to them as quick as possible.
There are also groups and individuals who do not want to send money from their bank-account, they give it to us face to face at demonstrations or other kinds of events. This Thursday we organised an event with eye-witnesses who reported about Rojava. More then 300 people where in the auditorium, we raised about 900€ there.

6. Are there any legal concerns in Germany when it comes to raising money for the YPG?

Why should there be legal concerns in raising money for a legal organisation? The PYD is not banned in Germany, but a legally registered party and so its absolutely legal to collect money for them.

7. Will you try to make the campaign international?

That’s not a question of our will anymore, because we got many donations from foreign countries like Sweden, Norway and Austria. The New Anticapitalist Organisation reaches more and more international attention since the beginning of our campaign
and we try to get in touch with every structure who wants to support us. But again, we are not able to organise it all by ourselves because of our limited capacities. We are very thankful but also depend on self-initiative!

8. Do you have any message to the left movement and to the supporters of the struggle of Rojava in other countries?

Join our campaign, bring it into every corner of your structures to support the struggle of our Kurdish comrades! Don’t be afraid of all the nationalists, fascists and other reactionaries who try to hold us back. The time for international solidarity is now, the time for revolution has come!

Biji berxwedane Rojava! Long live the resistance of Rojava!

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