War against ISIS/Daesh: October 16th Kobani battle report from YPG Media Center (Kurdistan)

Kobani – ISIS terrorist attacks aiming to occupy Kobani which were started on September 15th are on the 31st day. Yesterday on October 15 during the day and night, ISIS mercenaries attempted to attack from the Eastern and Southern fronts of the city, but they faced our troops’ response. In several operations our forces were able to retake some positions which were occupied earlier by the mercenaries.

Yesterday evening on the Eastern front mercenaries started their attacks and continued to this morning. On several positions of this front direct confrontations took place where their attacks were defeated. A number of weapons and ammunition of the ISIS were captured and 16 ISIS fighters were killed as a result of our forces’ operation.

Yesterday evening and last night near the hill Mishtenur on the Southeastern front, ISIS mercenaries carried out their attacks but all of their attempts were repelled. Our forces also carried out operations on this front, according to what has been confirmed 11 ISIS fighters were killed and a number of weapons and ammunition of the ISIS were captured in this operation.

On the Southern front mercenaries carried out 2 attacks all night long, after a heavy repulse to these attacks they were forced to retreat. On the offensive, our forces managed to retake a position which was occupied earlier by the mercenaries. the number of dead is not yet confirmed by our troops. On the road to Aleppo and the Seyran wedding hall, a vehicle of the mercenaries was destroyed, 6 ISIS mercenaries inside the vehicle were killed and 3 others were wounded.

– During the last 24 hours in Kobani, 33 of the mercenaries were killed, a number of weapons and ammunition were seized and a vehicle was destroyed.

Last night in the battle, one of our comrades expressed their resistance, fought heroically and was martyred in action.

Serekaniye – The campaign started on October 11th in West and Southwest Serekaniye (Ras al-Ayn) has reached a new stage. Destroying mercenaries’ defensive lines, our forces carried out several operations in Rawiya / Dehma villages and near the border lines, also many centers of the ISIS mercenaries were captured.

During the last night’s operations by our forces in Rawiya, Dehma and near the border lines all the targeted positions were seized. it’s been confirmed that 36 ISIS fighters were killed in this operation, a military vehicle was destroyed and a large number of weapons and ammunition were seized by our troops.

With a spirit of sacrifice, two of our comrades fought honorably in this operation and were martyred in action

YPG Media Center

16 October 2014

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