Countering the Congress of the Institute of Animal Technology, 17-20th March (UK)

Congress 2015 – 17-20th March, Scotland.

“The main purpose of Congress is to introduce Animal Technologists to the latest developments in all aspects of animal based research and technology.”

In the same year that SHAC ceases to exist as a campaign, the Institute of Animal Technology have organised this 3 day event [last year it was held in Blackpool, the year before in the south of England], where people who experiment on animals, in those horrific ways we have all seen from undercover footage, will be able to walk, talk, eat and give lectures freely without any thought to opposition.

The breakdown of the most effective anti-vivisection campaign on the planet appears to have given these people a “free-for-all” mentality, this conference is quite possibly party time for the oppressor. A celebration of animal research, a way to say they have won the war against animal rights campaigners. What else could this openness of a 3 day conference be exactly?

This also coincides with the opening of The Francis Crick Institute, scheduled to open in early spring time, 2015. This will be the largest animal research establishment in certainly the UK, more than possibly Europe and further, even possibly the world.

We have slowed down in this country, with our direct opposition to animal testing, yes, I include medical testing in this message. This is, notably due to the clampdown on effective campaigners by the law: do anything (send an email, hold a placard, spray-paint a bank), anything at all against these institutions of oppression and there is every chance you will be numerously arrested, have to go through tedious court appearances hours from where you live for 10 minutes to be told what you could have got by opening an e-mail or answering the phone (just to mess with you) and quite possibly put in prison for a few years, simply for -to all intensive purposes- acting ‘within the law’.

This conference is a kick in the teeth and a spit in the face of anyone who has ever campaigned against animal testing. So, I think there needs to be an insurgence against this conference to prove to them this isn’t over by a long shot. Animal testing is going down the pan. It’s medieval and “The Dark Ages of Science” needs to be abolished.

It is almost 6 months until this event, surely that is enough time to book a week or 5 days or so off work. If World Day For Animal In Laboratories (WDAIL) national demonstration is not happening next year (as is potential news on the vine, spoiler alert), then I would say we could make this event into our national WDAIL event.

Consider it.

Vivisectionist gathering website : http://www.iat.org.uk/congress.html

From an anonymous contributor.

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