War against ISIS/Daesh: Kobane latest – ISIS on retreat, new dangers ahead … (Kurdistan)

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In the last days there has been a shift in fortunes for the Kurdish defence units holding out in Kobane. Although heavy clashes continue, ISIS are being pushed back into the fringes of the town. The peoples protection units (YPG) have fought alone, for 35 days now, surrounded by ISIS (Da’esh) fascists with the latest weapons, blockaded by Turkey, with US air strikes only serving to funnel more fascist troops towards them.

Last week it looked like what everyone had feared was about to come to pass, as ISIS flags were raised towards the centre of the town. It looks, at least for now, as if the tide has been turned. This is the work of the defence groups of autonomous Rojava, fighting alone, fighting for their lives and their freedom.

In the last two days, there has also been a shift in the politics of US and Turkey. Yesterday (19 October) the US forces for the first time made air drops of small arms, ammunition, and medical supplies to the YPG (peoples defence units) in central Kobane. Then today (20 October) an announcement was reported from the Turkish state that it would allow US-backed Iraqi Kurdish fighters in to reinforce the town.

These measures, assuming they follow through, undoubtedly relieve pressure from the immediate struggle for survival in Rojava. But they also bring very big questions and dangers for the future: and particularly, the future of revolutionary moves towards ‘autonomous’, less hierarchical, forms of life in the region.

YPG: Latest update from Kobane (19.10.2014)

The ISIS attacks against Kobane are now in their 35th day, reports coming in stated that one of the most intense clashes of the battle so far occurred throughout yesterday. The YPG released the following statement on yesterday’s clashes:

Yesterday the ISIS gangs initialised a new wave of attacks, reinforced by weapons and fighters brought in from the surrounding towns. Throughout yesterday, the enemy fired many mortar rounds into the town centre. In the evening they attempted to carry out two suicide attacks, after which they began to attack from the eastern, southeastern and northeastern fronts. Our forces replied to these attacks and successfully repelled them. Several areas previously controlled by the gangs were regained by our forces.

In the clashes on the eastern and southeastern fronts our forces were able to verify the deaths of 16 ISIS gang members and numerous casualties.

In the northeastern front our forces undertook a counter-attack and cleared the ISIS gangs from 3 areas that they previously occupied. Our forces were able to verify the deaths of 8 ISIS gang members.

In the southern front our forces were also able to raging the control of 3 areas that were previously occupied by the ISIS gangs. Our forces verified the deaths of 8 ISIS gang members on this front.

In the southeastern front our forces cleared two areas from the ISIS gangs during a counter-attack. Our forces were able to verify the deaths of 7 ISIS gang members.

In the western front our forces conducted attacks against 2 ISIS held positions. Both positions were cleared of ISIS and regained by our forces. Our forces verified the deaths of 5 ISIS gang members here.

From yesterday afternoon onwards, fighting broke out between our forces and the ISIS gang members in the village of Zorava, 5 kilometres West of Kobane. Our forces were able to verify the deaths of 3 ISIS gang members.

During last night’s clashes, 3 of our comrades who fought courageously till the end were martyred while defending the town of Kobane.

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