Letter by anarchist prisoner P. Michalakoglou from Nigrita prisons (Greece)

Inter Arma received and translated:

Monday, October 13, 2014

At 5.30 in the morning while I was sleeping in my cell at the basement of the F wing of Korydallos prison, along with the unjustifiably detained comrade and friend M.B., I hear someone calling my surname. I wake up and see the wing’s people-guard saying: “Transfer”. I angrily ask again: “What transfer?” and he responds “Emergency transfer” showing me a paper with names among which only mine was written with a pen. Once more I realize that the war continues inside the prisons. Then they took me alone in the so called fridge -”waiting area”- without knowing the prison I was being transferred to. Four hours later another people-guard calls me and shows to me the paper for my transfer to Nigritas prison in Serres. They gave me my personal stuff and then proceeded with body check and took me in the transfer van. I headed off to Thessaloniki’s Transfer Agency along with 30 more prisoners. 11 hours later I arrived in Thessaloniki where the Transfer Agency’s uniformed bastards were waiting for me and they performed body check on me again. I ended up in cell 2 for that night. In the morning we headed off with other inmates to Nigritas prisons. As soon as we arrived they took us in the fridge where I stayed for another 2 hours. The people-guards called me first to check my personal stuff and for another body check. They confiscated 2 hoodies, a jacket and a parker-type pen (which they considered that it can be used as a weapon). During the body check they tried to impose their humiliating terms and asked me to take off all my clothes and to “bend and cough”. Obviously they met my absolute denial and I made clear to them in high tone that I am an anarchist and that I am not going to obey their orders that insult my dignity. After the first unpleasant embarrassment they felt, they took me to the ground floor of the C2 wing.

During this short time I have spent in prison, I have unfortunately noted that in many wings the majority of the prisoners live on medication, drugs and sneaking.

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

This morning invaded into my cell for check one cop and 4 people-guards, and a plainclothed cop was outside. During the search an object of mine disappeared “incidentally” and the cell was turned upside-down while they were looking to find anything. All these strengthened my hate and anger. I will not stop fighting for my beliefs. I was, I am and I will be an unrepentant anarchist of praxis.

As far as the arms are concerned, that were found in the apartment I was living in, in Kolonaki, they are part of the insurrectionary notion I support. I believe in the revolutionary violence attacking every form of power here and now. With my thoughts and actions I want to promote the anarcho-individualist tension and I fight for the disintegration of the authoritarian society till the destruction of all laws and of the ruling civilization. That’s why I despise reformism, the peaceful protests-funerals and the fake pseudo-anarchist lifestyle of the official “scene” that turns the anarchist struggle into a pseudo-freedom being laid up (eg alternative squats), separated from every kind of insurrectionary element. At the same time, I stay away from the customer relations of the wannabe collectivized anarcho-shops which the only thing they do is to serve alternative entertainment and lightweight bravado. There is no anarchist action without violence. Revolutions are not being made with flowers of prayers. The only way is violence against the violence of the authority.

Speaking about my case…

Upon our arrests a whole terrorist-show was set up on the first day, speaking about the neutralization of a “New CCF” cell, about the preparation of a solidarity attack for the imprisoned members of CCF, while some information was leaked about us being suspects for the gun-shootings against the house of the German Ambassador in Chalandri, in December 2013 (the source, once more, was an “anonymous” phone call, according to the court file).

However, after the ballistic analysis on the guns the anti-terrorist agency didn’t manage to fabricate the evidence and all the tele-courts immediately clammed up on our case and tried to satisfy the spectators’ thirst for terror-scripts by focusing on the arrest of the anarchist fighter A. Staboulos who, those days, was in a nearby cell of the antiterrorist agency.

From the first moment of my arrest I personally claimed the responsibility for the armor making clear that my friend and comrade M.B. who coincidentally was at my place had nothing to do with it. But the prosecutor Maria Avgita, clearly executing orders and satisfying the vindictiveness of the authorities that didn’t find what they were looking for and remained exposed, decided to detain M.B. without any evidence.

To close, I want to say that I possessed that armor because guns are tools in the hands of the revolutionist to attack the enemy. Nothing more, nothing less.

Against the organized violence of the authority (cops, courts, prisons) we must attack with guns without any inhibitions. There are no innocents. The society of silence, resignation and conservatism, bears part of the responsibility. Power triumphs based on the submission of its obedient. Obviously, we will not attack the mass of intentional submissiveness with arms, but we must not wheedle the many in order for us to become likeable or admissible, as the communist and the socialist anarchists do, proclaiming the people as the absolute revolutionary subject. Far from quaint and outdated ideological dogmas I wish the blow up of the social machine and of the normality it reproduces. We move forward towards the total destruction of the existent and power.



Unrepentant anarchist

Michalakoglou Panos


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