'Tis the season to fight the prisons… (UK)

From rabble.org.uk:

The prison population in the UK has doubled over the past 20 years. Check out the series of events coming up in London this month to build prisoner solidarity and resist prison expansion.

First up, on December 9th we’ve got The Politics of Prisons, an event to strategise on how to fight prison & immigration detention expansion, and discuss grassroots alternatives to the police and prisons to deal with problems. Organised by Defend the Right to Protest, the event promises some great speakers.

Then on 15th December there’ll be the first public meeting of an exciting new group, Prison Action London. They’re inviting people to come along to exchange ideas and plans for action.

As is traditional, some of that talk will be put into action in New Year’s Eve noise demos outside prisons. This is an annual international event, so check out your local Anarchist Black Cross to see if owt’s planned. Comrades in London will be at Pentonville at 8pm, and then down the road at Holloway for 9.30pm. Come prepared with stuff to make noise and so on.

Meanwhile, don’t forget to keep writing to people on the inside. Corresponding with prisoners can make a real difference to helping people get through the shit of confinement and petty screws 24/7. See ABC London for a list of prisoners who’d like to receive correspondence. We wanna do a special callout for people to show solidarity with Debbie Vincent, a long time, dedicated, anti-capitalist and freedom fighter for the animals. Debbie was sentenced in April to 6 years’ prison, plus a 5 years ASBO for alleged involvement in actions against Huntington Life Sciences, Europe’s largest vivisection lab, though she sadly received little solidarity or mention from any outside the animal rights movement at the time of her conviction. Write to Debbie here (note that she was moved from Bronzefield):

Debbie Vincent
Parkhurst Road
N7 0NU

“Keep on campaigning against all oppression and capitalist domination. Don’t be afraid to speak out and never apologise for trying to make a difference and caring.”Debbie

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