Istanbul: Anarchist solidarity statement to comrade Nikos Romanos (Turkey)

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Today, with all the rage against powers that seizes lives, with the conviction of a free world, black flags are being waved all around the world.

Against companies that exploit our labour for more profit; against States that murder many of us in the name of the borders they have drawn up; against all powers that fill their pockets with our lives that they destroy, making us poorer and making the rich richer; rebellion is alive in the rage of anarchism.

The rage against bosses, companies, murderers and States, is propagating in full flood with black flags. The sorrow of being disappeared and murdered is now turning into anger, and the streets are burning with rage all over.

Exactly 6 years ago, in the Exarchia neighbourhood of Athens, Alexandros Grigoropulos was murdered because he was an anarchist, at the age of 16. Murdered by a cop, with the bullet from his gun, because he transformed his anger into rebellion and was in the streets, calling to account for the lives being seized, because he didn’t obey power and he was resisting at all costs for freedom.

On the day of December 6, 2008, the bullet that entered Alexis’s chest turned into the fire of revolt in the streets. Even though the murderers continued their attacks, the rage against the ones that silenced a heart that was beating for freedom, burned the streets into flames in Athens,in Thessaloniki, in Istanbul and everywhere.

Nikos Romanos, who was with Alexis the day he was murdered and who also had the same conviction for a free world, is now held captive because he is an anarchist. Romanos is held captive because he was not silent against injustice, because he didn’t give up despite State oppression, because with the same conviction as his murdered comrade, he kept on the struggle against all powers. The ones who thought they could terminate this struggle by murdering Alexis, are now holding Nikos captive, hoping to stop another heart that is beating with the conviction of anarchism.

Just like in 2008, the streets are filled with anger against the State that continues to attack Romanos with all its isolation, oppression and torture. As Romanos continues his hunger strike since 10th of November, other anarchist comrades in captivity also start hunger strikes in solidarity; universities are occupied; and the same voice echoes in burning streets, in cells of resisting captives: “As long as we are alive and we breathe, long live anarchy!”

The powers that murdered Alexis in 2008 and that hold Nikos captive today think that they can silence the rage against injustice that is growing in every part of the world. They continue to capture, attack and murder under this illusion. In Mexico, 43 students resisting the politics of the powers seizing their future, are disappeared at the hands of the State; and their bodies are found in mass graves after many days.

Just because they are black, people targeted by the fascist repression ofpower, become the targets of bullets shot by the police; and the ones who resist being taken to custody are strangled and murdered by police. Many of our brothers like Berkin, Ethem Ali, Ahmet who resisted for their lives, were murdered by the State police. While the ones resisting in Kobanê to create a new life, like Arin, like Suphi Nejat, like Kader, are murdered by gangs, military and soldiers of the State; the ones who are on the streets in every corner of the regionembracing Kobanê resistance, like Hakan, like Mahsun, are targeted by the murderer police of the same State… Wherever the ones who call to account for injustice, who resist to gain their lives, who struggle with their conviction of freedom are in the streets; there is the address for oppression, torture and massacre.

The oppressors who think that they can discourage the ones who don’t obey them by capturing, kidnapping or murdering; a cry of freedom raised in one place is echoed in every direction.

From the cells of Athens to Mexico, from the streets of Ferguson to Istanbul, to the free lands of Kobanê, the conviction for a new world is propagating in full flood.
Now, this passion for freedom is getting bigger; the rage for the murders is flaring up the fire of revolt in hearts.

This revolt is against the powers that seize our lives, that intend to destroy our freedom, that murder us.

This revolt is against capitalism and all States.

This revolt is against all kinds of captivity.

With this revolt for freedom in our hearts, anarchism is growing in every part of the world.

And our struggle is growing from one corner of the world to another, carried by the wavers of the black flags.

Long live Revolution, long live anarchy!

Revolutionary Anarchist Action (DAF)
Lycee Anarchist Action (LAF)
Anarchist Youth
Anarchist Women

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