War against ISIS/Daesh: Terrorists Suffer Heavy Losses, More Areas Liberated (Kurdistan)

Terrorists Suffer Heavy Losses, More Areas liberated

ROJAVA, Kobani – The terrorist attacks by Daesh (ISIS) mercenaries attempting to occupy Kobani continued on the 102nd day. Our forces of the People’s Defense Units (YPG) and the Women’s Defense Units (YPJ) continue to conduct operations to liberate the terrorist-occupied areas, on the other hand are leading mop-up operations in the liberated areas of the city.

In the south-east of Kobani, the operation by our units in District 48 is continuing. In south District 48, our forces last night managed to liberate another neighborhood in Mishtenur foothills.

In the meantime, in north District 48 and east Shahid Moro area, another neighborhood was also liberated from the terrorists. In these areas 21 terrorists were confirmed killed while 5 bodies of the terrorists were seized.

As a result of the battle on the noted areas, 16 AK-47 firearms, 39 AK-47 magazines, 2000 bullets, 2 BKC machine guns, 1800 BKC bullets, one vz. 24 rifle, 5 rockets of RPG-7 launcher, 11 hand grenades, 9 pieces of mortar shell, and 3 binocular plus a number other military equipment were captured by our forces from the terrorists.

An operation was conducted by our forces on the eastern front of Kobani. This operation resulted in the liberation of Kobani Municipality and Khansah School from the terrorists. The number of dead or wounded of the terrorists on this front yet is not verified, search operations are ongoing.


Dec. 26, 2014

At least 53 terrorists killed in Kobani and Tel Hamis

KOBANI – The terrorist attacks continues by the Terrorists of ISIS group in Kobani for the 101st day, whereas our valiant heroes are ceaselessly repelling them by their strong will power and determination.

People’s Defense Units (YPG)and Women’s Defense Units (YPJ) are advancing in the city centre and some areas around where they carried out an operation yesterday against the terrorists of ISIS at 48 street.

The fierce clashes in 5 different posts where they inflicts heavy losses on the mercenary groups, 16 terrorists were killed, two equipped vehicles and a motorcycle were destroyed. Also Sofia street was liberated and two of our fighters martyred after brave legend of resistance.

TEL HAMIS – Elsewhere, On December 22, on northern front of Tel Hamis town, the terrorist groups had attacked the village of Abu Qassayib where 4 of our fighters martyred after violent clashes and controlled the village. That’s why our fighters have launched a counter attack against them yesterday led to killing 7 terrorists, destroying 3 equipped vehicles.

Another 12 ISIS terrorists were killed in the hill and inside the village and their bodies were seized by our YPG fighters besides of big amount of ammunition including 3000 bullets, 17 magazine, 2 BKC, 5 RPG launchers with 17 missiles, 7 grenades, 3 wireless devices, 1 night binocular, 19 AK47 and 1 armored vehicle.

As a result 37 terrorists were killed in this operation northern Tel Hamis town by our YPG/YPJ heroes.

YPG Media Centre


Special Operations in Kobani and Jaz’a

KOBANI – The terrorist attacks by ISIS on Kobani are continuing for the 100day.

People’s Defense Units (YPG) and Women’s Defense Units (YPJ) have been fighting and heroically expelling the terrorists groups of ISIS.

A wide military campaign was launched yesterday by our fighters near the 48 street and around the girls’ school where 3 streets were liberated, 14 terrorists were killed and a big amount of ammunition was seized.

On the western front, our fighters carried out a special operation against the barbaric ISIS terrorists in Mamit village and Abrousha farm in eastern south of Kobani where 4 mercenaries were killed and another two with motorcycle in the farm.

In the same context, fierce clashes erupted between our fighters and the terrorists near Arja village on the western front of Tel Kocher where as they tried to infiltrate to the village but they were repelled and forced to retreat.

YPG Media Centre



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