War against ISIS/Daesh: YPG release statistics showing collapse of Daesh in Rojava (Kurdistan)

The People’s Defence Units (YPG) have announced statistics relating to 2014, saying during 2014 nearly five thousand gang members have been killed in clashes and operations in different parts of Rojava.

The YPG’s official spokesperson Rêdûr Xelîl held a press conference at the Trade Union hall in the town of Rimêlan, at which he announced statistics relating to 2014.

Xelîl said that throughout 2014 there had been fierce clashes between YPG forces and ISIS gangs in different parts of Rojava, and that as far as they had been able to ascertain, 4,964 gang members had been killed in these clashes. 228 corpses had been taken by YPG forces, while 11 gang members were taken prisoner.

The YPG spokesperson evaluated the military situation and recent developments, saying the YPG forces had successfully come through 3 historic phases, adding:

“The first phase was the rescuing of tens of thousands of Yazidis from ISIS gangs in Sinjar and the opening of a humanitarian corridor so that 150 thousand Yazidis could reach Rojava. The second phase was the historic resistance against overwhelming odds in Kobanê that has astonished the world. The third phase was the ‘defence and cleansing’ operation we carried out from Tel Hemis and Serêkaniyê on a broad front including the town of Mebrûka and villages of Aliya.”

The YPG spokesperson stressed that the outstanding and memorable resistance of the YPG/YPJ fighters had not just aimed to protect the Kurdish people, but also the Arabs, Syriacs, Armenian, Chechens living in Rojava. He added that the resistance of the YPG/YPJ forces in 2014 had proved that they were the principal force that would smash ISIS.

‘Resistance against the gangs will grow’

Rêdûr Xelîl said they would step up the resistance against the gangs in 2015 by developing their forces both numerically and qualitatively, and would also consolidate relations with relevant forces.


Xelîl listed operations carried out against ISIS gangs in Rojava in 2014 as follows:

According to YPG data:

YPG forces carried out 337 military operations against ISIS gangs in 2014.

There were 414 clashes.

4,964 gang members killed

228 corpses of gang members taken by YPG forces and 11 gang members captured.

ISIS carried out 74 suicide attacks.

Equipment destroyed

167 military vehicles, 13 tanks, 8 vehicles with guns mounted, 7 Hummer armoured vehicles, 3 panzers, 26 anti-aircraft guns, 4 vehicles, two 57 inch artillery units, one Katyusha launcher, 6 motorcycles and 3 mortar launchers were destroyed.

Equipment seized:

16 vehicles, 3 panzers, 4 Hummers, 316 Kalashnikov rifles, 48 sub-machine guns, 60 RPG-7s, 8 M16s, 3 AKS, one sniper rifle, 2 Bruno rifles, 1 mortar, 3 anti-aircraft guns, one 23.5 calibre anti-aircraft gun, 14 heavy guns, 19 pistols, 31 wirelesses, 287 mines, 450 hand grenades, 114 cartridge belts, 24 pairs of binoculars, 3 suicide vests, one computer, one camera and thousands of rounds for Kalashnikov and sub-machine guns. Many military documents were also seized by YPG forces.

However 537 YPG/YPJ fighters died.

YPG spokesperson Rêdûr Xelîl said that during the year 537 YPG/YPJ fighters had died in clashes, 14 of these being from forces affiliated to the Burkan Al-Firat Joint Operation Centre.

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