Candies and Whims: Call for solidarity and assistance (Philippines)

An anarchist project in Philippines called Candies and Whims recently sent an email to us about their project and request solidarity/help in the form of books, zines, financial contributions for printing, resources etc. If you want to send zines, posters, books etc to Candies and Whims, contact us for postage details and also if you want to help with a financial donation – contact us for more details.

My name is Honey and I’m from the Philippines.
I’m writing this letter to you all to ask for your solidarity with my projects.

To introduce a bit about me, I’ve been working personal efforts to contribute within the Anarchist Community here. I’ve been doing several projects, which has more to do with readings and actions about and for anarchism and wom*n and gender fluid people.

One of my projects Ive called Candies and Whims is a translation project of any anarchist readings, which from English Language, I translate to Filipino language, have them posted on my page, but the aim is to have the translated texts printed out and handed over to people for FREE.
Some are arguing that its cheaper to have them posted online as PDF files, but I have bear in mind that some people are still not fond of it, or didn’t even know how to use a computer, and believe in the power of hard copies, which will be able to reach out maximum number of people it can.

Another project I have been focused with is the Mad Wimmin Project. This project focuses on issues about wom*n and for gender fluid people. I, as being assigned a wom*n by genitals and choice has face a lot of struggles with my life. And there are none, for this I am sure, support groups or collectives for wom*n and by wom*n in the Philippines, which roots to ANARCHA FEMINISM, or if there is (which is CLIT Kolektib) they have dissolve a long time ago, which makes it harder for wom*n to speak out about their issues.
I have been domestically abused by my father and my ex-partner (biological father of my kid) and so ABUSE is one of the issues I would like to address with my project. I want to create awareness within wom*n, to make them feel that they’re not alone, to make them see that there are people to support, that there are SAFE SPACES they can go, that their issues are community issues and should be address, assess and resolve.

Being a wom*n myself which hasnt receive support (even from the anarchist community) when I’m struggling makes me want to make myself a supporter of any wom*n that faces struggles in their lives.

Here are the goals of my projects:

1. Create awareness by spreading the word. Creating a library of readings about wom*n and gender fluid people (i.e sexism, wom*ns rights, trans people, and the like) which will encourage them to think for themselves. A variety of readings which came across the world to give the readers a sense of belonging and not being alone and that their issues are valid.
I will also link here my Translation project, which will encourage more people to read (I believe so) as the readings will be written in their language and will be of their convenience and easier access as they are print outs (zines, booklets, books).

2. Support. Mad Wimmin Project has been created as my solo project, but as time went by there are 4 more wom*n that has been helping me spread the word, maintain a page etc for the project. Its our aim to create a COLLECTIVE exclusive for wom*n, not because we want the other gendered people be separated, but because of the fact that some wom*n still don’t feel uncomfortable having their issues address, assess, and resolve by people with other gender preference. People will only speak about a lot of stuffs such as personal problems and common issues towards people they felt a connection and a sense of security and validation.

3. Safe Space. The project is also aiming to create a safe space by renting a house for where wom*n can go to when they’re experiencing abuse, or simply a space they feel safe though. The space will work as a library itself as well containing all the readings that Candies and Whims and Mad Wimmin Project has. Also it can be a place where events can be help, such as meetings, art exhibits, spoken word events, book/zine launching etc.

I’m also a part of a Anti-Authoritarian Pirate Radio Station, which airs every Sunday, from 5pm-10pm. My part on the this Civ-Lab Project is to create awareness within and about wom*n, talking about issues, conducting interviews, recommending readings and websites, linking communities..

The people I’m working with this Radio Project are all very supportive of my goal for wom*n.

By February-March there will be an event that Candies and Whims/Mad Wimmin Project and Radyo Itim will be a part of. This will be held from the month of February-March 2015. Its called SwarmBibliotechque.

My part and the projects part on the event is to create a mini-space where readings, artworks, music by and about wom*n can be found. And so it is my aim to put herein books, zines, cds, and any radical materials which will be essential to creating, engaging wom*n for awareness and thus create a connection with them.

Here’s a link for the said event:


And so with this I will be needing help when it comes to the finances, as to cover printing costs of the zines and books and all expenses for the project. I have been working myself and been supporting the project alone, but since my kid is growing up and I’m raising her all on my own I cannot handle the finances anymore.

Any amount for solidarity will MATTER A LOT FOR the projects. And this is the reason why I’m reaching out for you my sisters and brothers, my comrades towards achieving and making these goals possible.

You can find me on facebook at

Listed herein are the links for my/the projects:





Attached here as well is an image for the Swarmbibliotechque event.

Looking forward for any solidarity,

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