War against ISIS/Daesh: Women’s resistance in Kobanê is breaking taboos (Kurdistan)

Women’s resistance in Kobanê is breaking taboos


The historic resistance of the people of Kobanê under the leadership of the YPG/YPJ to ISIS attacks is now in its 121st day. Women fighting in the ranks of the YPJ has caught the attention of the world. Hiva Huso is one of these women.

Hiva Huso, who sent her 8 children and husband to Suruç after the ISIS attacks on Kobanê, has joined the public security forces and is not leaving the town. Hiva Huso said: “Every mother loves her children, but a person’s love for their land and their freedom is an even stronger emotion,” epitomising the women’s struggle in Kobanê.

First in Aleppo, now in Kobanê

Hiva Huso (40) has 8 children, the oldest 19, the youngest 5. When the regime began its attacks on Aleppo, she moved her family to Kobanê, then returned to Aleppo to continue her role in the public security forces set up by the people which is responsible for the security of the Kurdish neighbourhood. Huso was then sent to Kobanê by her colleagues so that she would not be far from her children.

Following ISIS attacks on Kobanê Huso sent her husband and children Ruhat, Rosela, Reber, Rojda, Zozan, Hevidar, Muhammed and Hındirin to Suruç. Huso has not once considered leaving the city, and is continuing her duties in the public security force (Asayish). Huso misses her children, but is sure that the determined struggle of the women will defeat the gangs and that she will soon embrace them again in Kobanê.

‘ISIS will be defeated’

Huso, walking the streets with her gun, is sure ISIS will be defeated. “Whatever they do they will lose, as we women of Kobanê are organised and have decided to fight to the end.”

‘Everything is for the children’

Huso takes out her mobile phone and shows us the video her children send her and the other women in the city every day of people shouting: “Long live the YPJ and Asayish”. She adds: “For a society that believes in the freedom movement and Apo philosophy, gender is not important. We are fighting most against the dominant mentality that condemns women to look after the home and children. Of course I love and miss my children, as every mother does, but a person’s love for their land and their freedom is an even stronger emotion, because if we are defending our land separated from our children it is all for the future of these children.”

The Lions Of Rojava

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