War against ISIS/Daesh: Three villages liberated, operations continue in two others (Kurdistan)

KOBANÊ 31.01.2015 13:30:13

The Kobanê resistance continues on its 138th day with operations launched by YPG/YPJ forces to cleanse the villages of ISIS gangs following the liberation of the city centre.

Issuing a statement on the ongoing operations, the YPG Press Office said the villages of Siftek, Shikeft and Dolê 10 km to the west of the town were liberated last night while operations in Îdiq and Tel Hajib villages on the Aleppo road were continuing. YPG said the numbers of gang casualties last night could not be ascertained.

YPG said following the liberation of three villages to the west of Kobanê, YPG/YPJ forces launched an operation this morning against ISIS gangs in the village of Îdiq on the Aleppo road 7 km to the south of the city. “Launching a sudden attack, our forces inflicted heavy losses on the gangs. The operation in the village is continuing and 11 gang members have been killed so far”, said the YPG.

The YPG Press Centre also reported that another operation has been launched against gangs in the village of Tel Hajib, 7 km to the south of Kobanê by YPG/YPJ forces, adding that a vehicle was destroyed there with gang members inside. This operation is also continuing, added the YPG.

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Apê Nemir: “Kobanê did not fall, but Erdoğan did”

URFA 30.01.2015 12:30:12

An elderly man from Kobanê, Apê Nemir, who has become one of the symbolic names of the Kobanê resistance as he refused to leave the struggle despite his age and injuries he sustained many times, is now enjoying the victory and says of Erdoğan: “Kobanê did not fall, but Erdoğan did”.

67-year-old Apê Nemir (Xelilê Osman) refused to leave the war front during the fight against the attacks of ISIS gangs on Kobanê, despite having been wounded four times. Nemir who was eventually sent out of Kobanê by his comrades after the last time he was wounded in the arm has since been staying at the Arin Mirxan tent city in Suruç, where he now joyfully celebrates the liberation of Kobanê. Apê Nemir is now looking forward to returning to Kobanê.

Saluting all those who have taken part in the resistance and struggled for the liberation of Kobanê, Apê Nemir says that the liberation of Kobanê means at the same time the liberation of humanity.

Apê Nemir draws attention to the fact that the victory in Kobanê resonated across the world and welcomed with enthusiasm by many, while also leading to frustration for others. Referring to the president of the Turkish state, Apê Nemir says: “Erdoğan was counting the days for the fall of Kobanê. He was uttering his wish each day. Kobanê did not fall, but Erdoğan did. It became a source of worry for him. He is no different from the gangs. We also know about his hostility towards the Kurds. We refused to surrender Kobanê to the gangs. We fought until the last drop of our blood and will continue to do so. It is the land of our ancestors; we will not give in to the gangs”.

Apê Nemir dedicated the Kobanê victory to the Kurdish People’s Leader Abdullah Öcalan, and expressed his wish for the freedom of the Kurdish leader. He stressed that they were resisting for 3 years, not for 5 months, and with AK47’s against heavy weapons. He said that he will return to Kobanê as soon as possible and adds that he will fight once again if necessary.

Apê Nemir called on the youth of Kobanê to return to their town to fight for the liberation of the villages and to do their best for their own lands. “Kobanê is the very heart of Kurdistan”, said 67-year-old Apê Nemir.

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