Words from anarchist comrade Michele Fabiani, held in the High Surveillance Unit-AS2 of the prison of Ferrara (Italy)

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Translated by Act for freedom now!

The poverty of Guarantism [defence of civil-liberties]

I haven’t written much over these six months because I don’t want to be a prisoner that bombards the web and specialized magazines with letters.

I wrote a short communique in which I explained how prison certainly wouldn’t mellow my revolutionary pride, I had refused any use of social services [offered me] and asked the many and multiform universe of people who are in solidarity with me not to fall into the trap of victimization.

I am writing again because I heard about some texts that have apparently circulated in the internet and in the paper Il Garantista, in which I am described as no less than a “pacifist”, “scared to death”, etc. First of all I want to point out that this attitude is insulting to me and my comrades who struggle every day without ever fearing the threat of repression. Second, it is totally pointless: the State spies on us incessantly, listens to our conversations, photographs us and films us as we clash with its servants in the streets. In other words, to think that some late form of disguise could spare me months in prison is mere utopia, and not very dignified.

My comrades from Spoleto have the merit of having organized 3 talks in the last 5 years where the cancer of the leftist notion of justice [Italian: ‘giustizialismo’] and then the rise of Grillo’s shit were analysed with precision and without mincing words [Beppe Grillo, a comedian turned politician, is the founder of the so-called ‘5-stelle’ movement, a populist party that feeds off the people’s discontent with mainstream politicians, translator’s note]. Now I realize that we made a mistake in not dedicating the same attention to a topic which is totally bound to be taken advantage of: the guarantor mystification. The leftist notion of justice [Italian: ‘giustizialismo’] and the defence of civil liberties [Italian: ‘garantismo’] come from the same lie, that which aims at concealing the intrinsically classist nature of social justice.

It is the unrestrained and perverted thirst for profit that leads to exploitation, devastation and imprisonment for those who rebel. On the contrary, to the handcuff-holders of Falso Quotidiano the problem to be tackled is politicians-thieves, whereas to the merciful souls of Il Garantista it is abuse of power. To them a capitalist regime without politicians-thieves or judicial ferocity would be absolutely all right. But we know that the State will always have its “police and thieves”.

The State is just the armed hand of the dominant classes and its function is above all a repressive one.
And in order to tear these walls down appeals are not enough…
With Damiano and Fabrizio in my heart

Michele Fabiani.

To write to the comrade:

Michele Fabiani

C.C. Via Arginone
32744122 Ferrara

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