Solidarity Demo for Kevan Thakrar outside HM Prison Service HQ (UK)

Above: A speaker from FRFI (Fight Racism! Fight Imperialism!) at the protest at HM Prison Service HQ against continued solitary confinement of Kevin Thakrar since he was acquitted of attacking prison officers in 2010.

Prolonged isolation of Kevan Thakrar in UK prisons is torture protest

The demo took place 16 February at HM Prison Service HQ in London, and it was attended by over a dozen people, different individuals and groups who were there to support Kevan and show solidarity about his case. Brighton Anarchist Black Cross, Jengba, Fight Racism! Fight Imperialism!, Payday Men’s Network and others.

Kevan Thakrar is a wrongly convicted man sent down in 2008 for murder, who not only was fitted up by corrupt police but who has been consistently subjected to vengeful abuse and violence from prison guards for speaking out about prison conditions and the routine injustice. In 2010 Kevan won a landmark legal acquittal against the vicious beating he was given by some guards, and has been punished by a long stint in isolation and in the notorious Close Supervision Centres, the rough UK equivalent to the harshest grade F.I.E.S. regime in Spain that anarchists should be familiar with. The ‘Prisons within the Prisons’ only ever serve as the annihilation wards for the regime, they are not about ‘rehabilitation’, ‘protecting the public’, or any of the other lies that the authorities come up. They exist to facilitate the suppression, mental breakdown and murder of those who rebel within the prison system, those who ask to many questions, complain too many times, lash out in frustration, or are irreducible.

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