War against ISIS/Daesh: More than 14 terrorist forces killed around Kobanê (Kurdistan)

ROJAVA, Kobanê, Feb 18, 2015 – The resistance against the occupation attempts of Daesh (ISIS) terrorists in Kobanê, which has reached the initial stage of victory, continued Feb. 17 on day 156.

As part of the second phase of Campaign Kobanê Liberation, members of the People’s Defense Units (YPG) along with the Women’s Defense Units (YPJ) are persistently continuing their operations around the city of Kobanê. Rapidly advancing in the rural area of the city, our forces continue to carry out constant operations against the terrorist-occupied villages and points there.

Our units last night launched an operation against 6 terrorist-occupied villages in west Kobanê.

The villages of Bîreloz, Sêv Elî, Derbenov, Derbazina Mezin, Derbazina Navîn and Derbazina Horan were effectively liberated from terrorist forces through quick task processes. And in this way, our units have managed to reach and retake their positions of the time prior to the terrorist attacks since 15th September 2014.

Our forces in south Kobanê last night continued to develop further advance on that front where several simultaneous operations were carried out against a number of villages and strategic points. The villages of Bîrabekê, Nûralî, Aslankê, Şaxirkî, Girêk, Şaxê and Qil Eydê, along with Sîdar and Sêvê hills, as well as the Dîcle checkpoint were liberated from terrorist forces. Heavy clashes were experienced in this area and 12 terrorist fighters were confirmed killed.

In east Kobanê, another operation was led against the Eydanê and Mendik villages. According to confirmation from the battlefield 2 terrorist members were killed after numerous minor clashes took place on that front. Moreover, our forces were able to seize a military vehicle, 5 AK rifles, 15 AK magazines, 1000 bullets, 3 PK machine guns, 1 RPG-7 rocket launcher, 7 hand grenades, 2 hand guns, 3 ammunition carrying vests, 1 radio and a filming device.

During the operations conducted in the past 24 hours in Kobanê, seven of our comrades were martyred in action and eight others were injured in those battles.

Terrorists suffer heavy blows in Kobanê and Hesekê

Kobanê, Feb 17, 2015 – The resistance to the occupation attempts of Daesh (ISIS) terrorists in Kobanê continued Feb 16 on day 155.

Following the second phase of Campaign Kobanê Liberation, operations carried out by members of the People’s Defense Units (YPG) / Women’s Defense Units (YPJ) accordingly are making a significant progress over time.

A major operation was conducted by our forces yesterday evening in west Kobanê, and resulted in liberation of the villages of Mişko, Hacî Îsmaîl, Ehmedê Hiso, Ebika, El Ebika and Sil Ebika from Daesh terrorists. While advancing in this area, our units managed to disarm 13 mines planted by terrorist forces. According to information obtained from the region 20 terrorist members were killed on this front, and 3 of enemy’s dead were left on the battlefield. During this successful operation our forces were able to seize 3 AK rifles, 12 AK magazines and 3 ammunition carrying vests.

At the same time our combatants continued their operations in south Kobanê where the villages of Saka, Şêxalê and Berbenok-a-Mezin were rescued of terrorists’ occupation. During the operations on this front a vehicle of terrorist groups was destroyed between the villages of Toramanê and Cidê in a sabotage operation, number of terrorists’ dead or wounded could not be specifically verified. However, our forces could seize 4 pair of daytime binoculars, a night vision and 2000 AK bullets.

In east Kobanê, another key operation was launched by our forces against terrorist groups positioned in Bexdekê, Xan Memet, Tolikê, Gultep villages and near the road to Rêya Rudko area.

As a result of this operation all targeted objectives were finally cleansed of terrorist forces, 2 terrorist fighters were killed, and their dead were seized in that region. Again on this front more than 20 IEDs planted by Daesh terrorists were deactivated while our forces were advancing towards enemy positions. In that operation 5 PK MGs, 4000 PK ammo, 4 AK rifles and 800 AK bullets were seized from terrorist forces.

Hesekê – Operations led by our units against Daesh terrorists in the last few days around Hesekê, continued last night as well. As a result of two distinct processes in Mitefeîna and Sêda villages 5 members of terrorist forces were confirmed killed and 2 others were wounded.

Many terrorists killed, ammunition seized

ROJAVA, Kobanê, Feb 16, 2015 – At the initial stage of victory, the resistance against terrorist attacks of Daesh (ISIS) in Kobanê continued Feb 15 on day 154.

As part of Campaign Kobanê Liberation, members of the People’s Defense Units (YPG) along with the Women’s Defense Units (YPJ) continue to carry out steadfast operations against terrorist groups in the rural area of Kobanê.

In the evening hours of yesterday, Feb 15, our units launched an operation with the objective to liberate Xweydanê village in east Kobanê. After heavy clashes our forces managed to rescue the cited village and inflicted severe blows to the terrorist groups. In this operation 11 terrorist members were confirmed killed, along with 5 terrorists’ dead, our units were able to seize 6 AK rifles, 23 AK magazines, 1000 bullets, 1 RPG-7 rocket launcher, 2 vz. 24 carbines, 1000 PK bullets and 2 radios.

Another operation was conducted last night against the village of Cibnê in west Kobanê, shortly resulted in liberation of that terrorist-occupied village. The number of terrorists’ casualties were not immediately verified, however, our forces managed to seize a bulldozer, a loader and a packer in the extent between Cibnê and Beyadê villages.

Our combatants last night carried out an operation against terrorist groups positioned in the Girê Sêvê area. During this operation fierce battles were experienced, 13 members of terrorist forces were killed and one terrorist fighter was captured alive.

During the operations conducted in the past 24 hours in Kobanê, one of our comrades was martyred in action after showing a heroic fight, another comrade was injured in the clashes.

Hesekê – On the night of February 14, an assault operation was led by YPG/YPJ Defense Units against terrorist groups in the Mezraa Ebu Rifat area near Xerîta village in Hesekê countryside.

In this region terrorists’ fighting positions were heavily targeted by our units through rapid attacks, the operation eventually resulted in the killing of 8 terrorist fighters.

Our forces last night launched another attack against a tactical unit of terrorist groups near the village of Tiwêna, Hesekê. In this process a military vehicle was effectively destroyed, and terrorists’ reinforcements were similarly pounded. As a result of this assault, 5 terrorist fighters were confirmed killed while another terrorist was wounded.

Simultaneously in Mitefenîa village in Hesekê, our units carried out an operation, killed 4 terrorist members and injured 2 others. The identity of one of the terrorists who was captured alive in this area is:

Name: Abdul Ghafoor Haji Saleh

Code Name: Abu Abdu

Mother / Father: Hani / Khalid

Born: Muyassar, Aleppo

Age: 14

Source: http://ypgrojava.com/en/

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