Communiqué from the anarchist comrades locked up in the AS2 unit of the prison of Ferrara (Italy)

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After the news that circulated between 13th and 17th February, here is a communiqué signed by the prisoners of the AS2 unit of the prison of Ferrara. The prisoners decided not to be silent in the face of yet more abuse from the guards and to protest against the solitary confinement inflicted on a comrade in the unit. We believe it is necessary not to allow their words to remain dead letter; on the contrary it is important that they circulate as much as possible, among comrades outside as well as inside prison.

To the comrades outside, 14th February 2015

A few words to let you know what’s going on in the AS2 unit of the prison of Ferrara.
No will/intention to feed the ferocious appetite of victimization’s cultists or anti-prison experts in view of the latest prisoners’ lament.

On Friday Alfredo [Cospito] was subjected to the judgement of the prison little tribunal, following a report issued a few nights earlier for having insulted a guard who had turned to one of us, Graziano [Mazzarelli], in a disrespectful and provocative fashion. Graziano was guilty of asking the disgusting man to turn the volume down. For the record, all this happened after midnight. Besides causing him lose the 45 days of earlier release, the ‘sentence’ implied that Alfredo was immediately put in solitary confinement, or rather, as they say, excluded from all social activities (exercise yard, sociality, gym and football pitch). As soon as news spread in the unit, after a short discussion, we started making noise and banging at the bars. Our demand is simple: we want Alfredo back to the unit. In the space of a few minutes several inspectors turned out, and to them we reiterate our demand. After some useless chatting they went away and promised us the greatest honour (for them): ‘On Monday you’ll see the head officer’ (the dickhead!)

As it looked like they hadn’t understood what we had said, perhaps because of the excited tone, about an hour later we set for more banging and finished off the day banging at the stroke of midnight. In the early afternoon today we gave the bars more shaking, tomorrow we’ll see…

For the moment we ‘achieved’ the suspension of sociality (‘until ordered otherwise’) at lunch time and in the afternoon, but Alfredo still doesn’t show up…

We know he’s doing well and he doesn’t give a shit about their punishment, just as we don’t give a shit about their petty blackmails and unwanted concessions.

We are headstrong and will continue to demonstrate our vicinity and complicity with Alfredo.

That’s all, we’ll keep you updated!

The anarchist comrades of the AS2 unit of Ferrara

Adriano, Francesco, Graziano, Lucio, Michele and Nicola

To write to the comrades:

Adriano Antonacci
Francesco Sala
Graziano Mazzarelli
Lucio Alberti
Michele Fabiani
Nicola Gai

C.C. Via Arginone 327
44122 Ferrara

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