Brief notes on the criminalization of popular struggles in Brazil (CNA-Rio)

From CNA Rio:

* Rio de Janeiro *

– The collective trial of the 23 indicted are entering it’s final stages, the judges decision should be known in the next month or so. Three of these activists Elisa Quadros (Tinkerbell), Karlayne Moraes (Moa) and Igor Mendes were accused of not complying with the court order and Igor got arrested while Tinkerbell and Moa went underground.

– Besides that, another two of the 23 are still arrested: Caio Silva and Fábio Fox. Accused of murdering a journalist for using fireworks to defends themselves and the protesters from police brutality.

– There is also another case of arrests that is even more bizarre. The poorest, which suffered the most ridiculous of all charges, the worker who was passing and was arrested for sleeping on the street when he had no money to buy his return ticket, he was tried and convicted of “possession of molotov cocktails”, for having cleaning materials. He is still arrested.

* São Paulo *

– Fábio Hideki will have his first hearing in February 26th. Hideki is charged with disobedience, incitement to crime and criminal association (aka conspiracy).

– In São Paulo, in addition to Hideki case, we have three other activists charged and prosecuted in the context of demonstrations: Henrique Lima da Silva, Jefte Rodrigues do Nascimento e João Antônio Alves Roza.

– Rafael Lusvargui is also with its ongoing process and is awaiting a hearing for February 26, but he fled the country to fight with the separatists in Ukraine.

* Porto Alegre *

– In Porto Alegre, the member of FAG (Anarchist Federation) Vicente Mertz was sentenced to one and a half year in prison for damage to public property and environmental crime.

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