Open letter by Spyros Mandylas concerning the trial about the conflict within the movement in 2012 in Thessaloniki (Greece)

From InterArma:

Today, Thursday 26th of February, the trial concerning the inner-movement conflicts of 2012 in Thessaloniki was continued after a break.

From my side, it became clear from the first moment, the fact that the trial cannot take place at this time because my lawyer Fragiskos Ragousis faces some impediment and I am already on the trial concerning “Phoenix” project which takes place in Athens.

Today, the court decided to begin the process although I was not represented by a lawyer. It should be noted that in this trial I am accused of felonies concerning explosions, possession and use of explosives etc.

So, understandably, such a trial cannot go on since its main defendant has such strong objections.

However, the seat of the court (which consists of the Lygas, Panagiotakopoulou, Stergoudi, Zografou), at today’s session concluded that it could continue without my presence and without the presence of my lawyer Fragiskos Ragousis.

But what is important is not the legal arbitrariness of the court but the fact that, with few exceptions, all this was considered normal.

So, to be clear, whoever appears at tomorrow’s session (27/02/15), legitimizes, with his/her’s presence, the seat of the court and will be considered on my part that he/she delivers me defenseless in the mechanisms of the counter-terrorism agency and the police agency of Thessaloniki, who along with the judicial system send anarchists in prison cells.

From that point on, everyone takes the responsibilities of his actions and makes his choices.

Spyros Mandylas,

Thessaloniki, 26/2/2015

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