Anti-Fascist Network: Coming up in March… (UK)

The Anti Fascist Network is all about getting out of our armchairs and on to the streets, so here’s a run through of what’s coming up. How will anyone know you oppose fascism if you don’t get out there and say so!

First up in March is an EDL national demo in Manchester on Saturday the 7th. The local UAF are organising a counter demo. It’s Piccadilly Gardens at midday. The EDL say their demo is because of ‘Muslim grooming gangs’ but a recent post from Malatesta demonstrates how the far-right has more than its fair share of sex offenders as well. Unfortunately, paedophiles and rapists turn up in all walks of life. It is not about ethnicity. Leeds AFN wrote about the Rotherham child grooming scandal here. Some other AFN folk wrote a piece here.

Then on the 11th and 15th Brighton Anti Fascists have got a film night and a benefit gig, to get warmed up for the EDL national demo there on the 18th April.

Also on the 15th there’s an anti fascist gig in Salford in the run up to the 0161 festival. Ska, punk and hardcore.

On Friday the 20th there’s a anniversary event in Bolton highlighting the repression police used against anti fascist protestors in Bolton in 2010.

Also on Friday 20th, Jewdas are putting on an anti-racist street party jamboree thing on Cable Street (site of the most famous anti fascist victory) in London. 7pm start.

And then Saturday 21st sees an AFN presence on the Stand Up to Racism and Fascism march in London and opposing the neo-nazi National Action’s ridiculous White Man’s March in Newcastle.

The weekend is finished off with opposing the equally ridiculous anti-Semitic demo in Stamford Hill on Sunday 22nd.

Phew! Is that enough to keep you busy? If not, keep an eye on the Action Diary for more updates.

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