War against ISIS/Daesh: YPG have liberated the strategic target of Tel Hamis plus many other villages – Revenge for the fallen heroes – Death to the Islamic-fascists (Kurdistan)

The heroic fighters of YPG, YPJ and Lions of Rojava are taking the fight to the murdering fanatics of Daesh. Many of the Daesh members have been slaughtered in droves or they are running away. Our fighters consolidated their territorial control and will not stop until the enemy is defeated. Breaking reports indicate that Tel Hamis has fallen from Daesh hands, as the fighters liberated the area and killed 211 Daesh members, capturing 8 alive. Then the cowardly scum of Daesh headed for Til Temir and committed a massacre against the Assyrian people there. Here is a report from before the victory, followed by a rundown of events:

YPG Command Spokesman Rêdur Xelil and YPJ Commander Nesrin Abdullah who provided information to reporters about the operation in Til Hemis going on for 6 days said that YPG/YPJ forces have surrounded Til Hemis from three fronts while only the Til Berak area in the western side remained under ISIS control.

Remarking that fierce clashes have been taking place in the region for the past six days, Rêdur Xelil said Arab civilians also participated in the operation actively.

Xelil said the town of Til Hemis was the largest ISIS headquarters in Cizîrê Canton, adding: “ISIS constituted a threat against the Cizîrê region. In addition, a side of Til Hemis neighbors Sinjar, because of which Sinjar also faced a threat. Gangs were also using Til Hemis as a front of theirs from Mosul. They have caused great damage to the people living here.”

Xelil added that the operation which was launched to eliminate this threat was also being supported by an artillery unit of the Peshmerga forces from the South Kurdistan side of the border.

Over 100 Assyrians were massacred by ISIS gangs

Remarking that some 100 gang members were killed in Til Hemis since 21 February, and that corpses of many were being held by YPG forces, Rêdur Xelil said: “After suffering heavy blows in Til Hemis, the gangs headed for Til Temir and committed a massacre against the Assyrian people here, killing over 100 Assyrian civilians and abducting dozens of others.”

Xelil stated that YPG forces strongly responded to the attacks and formed a line of defense, expecting the gang groups to carry out attacks on other areas after suffering a heavy defeat in Til Hemis. “This attack is a heavy blow on Kurdish, Arab and Assyrian peoples. An Assyrian woman resisted to the end the gangs and killed four of them when they attacked the village of Hirmiz in Til Temir. This woman was later captured and beheaded by the gangs. Clashes are continuing in Til Temir,” he added.

Vowing to liberate Til Hemis just like how it happened in Kobanê, Xelil said more than a hundred villages have been cleansed of gang groups so far.

YPJ Commander Nesrin Abdullah also called attention to the importance of the Til Hemis operation which she said was a military, political and moral move they have developed in order to eliminate a threat against the values of the peoples in the region. She said the operation has revealed a spirit of national unity, fraternity and resistance.

Australian YPG fighter martyred

Nesrin stated that YPG fighter Ashley Kent Johnston has lost his life fighting in Til Hemis, adding; “As YPG/YPJ, we take Johnston as a martyr of the Kurdish people and humanity. We offer condolence to his family and the Australian people over the death of Johnston who joined the fight from Australia and bravely fought against the gangs in Rojava. He is a great value for us”.

Liberation of Til Hemîs, Terrorists’ Heavy Casualties in Kobanê

ROJAVA, Til Hemîs, Feb 27, 2015 – The military campaign initiated by members of the People’s Defense Units (YPG) and the Women’s Defense Units (YPJ) to eliminate the threat of Daesh (ISIS) terrorists in Cizîrê Canton, successfully continues February 27 on the 6th day. This morning our forces managed to enter the strategic ISIS-controlled town of Til Hemîs which was earlier surrounded by our units of three sides.

Our forces last night were able to liberate the villages of Mesediye, Saîdiya Kurdan and Saîdiya Ereban to the north of Til Hemîs, as well as rescuing the Teqteq village in the early hours of morning. In this area, along with 9 terrorists’ corpses, our forces could seize a minibus, 6 AK rifles, 2 PKMs, 1 RPG-7 RL, 15 mines and a large number of ammunition.

Following a major operation in south Til Hemîs, our forces this morning managed to penetrate the enemy’s defense and entered into the town. Our troops in a short term were able to take control and secure the road between south and west Til Hemîs as part of a plan to complete the siege on the town, the operation ultimately resulted in full liberation of Til Hemîs. More details on terrorists’ casualties and captured weapons in that area will follow as soon as available.

Kobanê – At the initial stage of victory, the resistance against terrorist attacks of Daesh in Kobanê continued Feb. 26 on day 165. During the past 24 hours heavy battles were experienced between our units and terrorist forces in the rural area of the city.

The fight in the villages of Bexdik, Eydanê and near the hill Derfilît was intensified yesterday in the midday hours. Receiving severe blows, terrorist attacks on the area using heavy weapons were repelled by our forces. 67 terrorist fighters were confirmed killed in the battle for the villages of Bexdik and Eydanê while more than 20 terrorists’ dead were left on the battlefield.

During fierce clashes in that region 3 tanks, a piece of 57mm artillery, a DShK 23, 3 vehicles and a truck of Daesh terrorists were effectively destroyed.

A fight was confronted this morning (Feb. 27) around the hill Derfilît, eventually resulted in the killing of 5 terrorist forces, including a terrorist leader. Our units today carried out another assault against terrorists in Zormixar village to the west of Kobanê, killed 4 members of terrorists forces.

In course of the battles around Kobanê during the last 24 hours, seven of our comrades were martyred in action after expressing a great resistance. While search operations are continuing in the liberated areas, four other of our combatants were martyred as a result of the explosion of a mine planted by terrorists in the village of Gedaş.

Constant operations against DAESH terrorists around Kobanê

ROJAVA, Kobanê, Feb 20, 2015 – At the initial stage of victory, the resistance of Kobanê against the occupation attempts of Daesh (ISIS) terrorists, continued February 19 on day 158.

As part of the second phase of Campaign Kobanê Liberation, members of the People’s Defense Units (YPG) along with the Women’s Defense Units (YPJ) have managed to liberate a large number of villages and strategic locations from terrorist forces around the city of Kobanê. Incapable of putting a significant resistance, the terrorist groups flee some of the targeted areas without an active clash with our forces.

On Wednesday, February 18, our units in west Kobanê were able to liberate the hill Zaxros, the villages of Berkel, Getaş and the nearby farmlands.

In south Kobanê they managed to liberate the village of Xêrûs, Hemdînê Rojava, Hemdînê Rojhilat, Seyîd Keta, Xirab Bergîr, Dafîyê, Zagros, Xatûnîyê, Kofîn, Xidir Şetê and Nasir from terrorist forces, in addition to the cleansing of Şam and Piling villages in southeast Kobanê. Moreover in east Kobanê, our units could rescue the village of Hurk as well as setting a perimeter around the cement factory.

Following Campaign Kobanê Liberation, the operations against terrorist forces in the rural area of Kobanê ceaselessly continued in the past 24 hours. In west Kobanê, the village of Dadalî and a tactical checkpoint at the entrance of Cibil Ferac village were effectively liberated by our combatants. In this area 1 body of the terrorists was seized by our forces.

In the course of the operations conducted in south Kobanê, the villages of Aşmê and Zerik were liberated from terrorists’ occupation. On this front 2 terrorist fighters were confirmed killed. With the liberation of Zerik village, our units have reached their positions of the time prior to the major terrorist assault on Kobanê since 15th September 2014.

The YPG/YPJ Defense Units are correspondingly continuing to advance in southeast Kobanê. During the operation in this front where the hill Xwedê was targeted, heavy clashes were experienced between our units and Daesh terrorists. After a fierce battle, the strategic hill was completely secured by our forces.

Simultaneously on that front, our units carried out an assault against the terrorist-occupied village of Kûrek.

The terrorist forces in that village resorted to the blasting of high explosives that they had planted earlier within that village in order to stop our forces from advancing, no casualties were suffered among our forces, but heavy material damages were inflicted to the property of the villagers as a result of the explosions.

The operation on this front finally resulted in the killing of 12 terrorist members whose their corpses were captured by our forces. In that area 3 AK rifles, 1 RPG-7 rocket launcher and a thermal scope were seized from terrorist groups.

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