Ferguson: Two cops shot outside police station during demo (USA)

Last night, two cops were shot outside Missouri city police station during a demo against police brutality and the killing of Michael Brown, 18-year-old unarmed black man slain by cops last summer. The two cops did not die, but are seriously injured. On Wednesday, Ferguson Police Chief Thomas Jackson announced that he planned to resign after a harsh U.S. Justice Department investigative report about his handling of the police killing last summer of Michael Brown.

According to witnesses, the 4-5 shots were fired from an undetermined distance, away from the body of the demo, coming from an unidentified location north-west of the police line, which was outside the police station, in riot gear.

Afterwards there were reports of panic amongst the police as they sought cover, struggled with their guns and trained them on the crowd. Despite this, nobody else was shot, although there are reports of 3 arrests during the melee which ensured from the actions of the police. The shooter(s) were not arrested, despite cops flooding the area with their forces.

Across the world, a wave of happiness was felt as the news became known.

No Justice – No Peace – Fuck the Police

Above: So-called professional police officers display very poor use of cover whilst one man struggles with his M4.

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