Letter from Dante Cano – "Keep the Struggle Alive!" (USA)

To all those still keeping the fire alive, my name is Dante Cano.

I was arrested by the pigs on Friday the 13th, at a march “Against the Police State.” It was an international call-out against militarization of the pigs and police repression towards black lives in so-called “America.”

I was also out there that night for all those killed in racist murders and the killing of a woman that was shot by the Emeryville police outside of Home Depot.

I was violently attacked for supposedly breaking a Men’s Warehouse window. I was tackled and beaten by OPD, then put in a van and taken four to five blocks away. I was then asked if a bat and a black bag was mind. I said, “Fuck no.” Police beat me once more in the van and then took me to jail.

I’m facing a felony vandalism charge and another for failing to disperse.

I have been here in Santa Rita for 28 days, as of March 12th, in medium maximum security. I am going to court on Wednesday the 11th.

I am an anarchist facing repression by the State.

It is hard dealing with the racial conditions in prison as well as the racist comments made by other white inmates. I have almost got into a fight several times. And if I do, I will be jumped by other inmates and moved to another unit segregated from others in the jail. Most likely I will get into another fight and get jumped, but ‘fuck-em.’

I mostly have been reading and making spreads with the money on my books and sleeping by myself.

I want to show my love and support to my house collective called, ‘LA IDEA,’ and the (ARC), Anti-Repression Committee.

There should be a fundraiser soon for me. I hope friends and comrades can go. The money will go back to the ARC.

Please write me. It takes 10 days for me to get any mail. I will update if I get moved to another unit. Future information will be posted on freedante.noblogs.org.

Keep the struggle alive!


Dante Cano

Write to Dante at:

Santa Rita Jail
Dante Cano BIX230
5325 Broder Blvd.
Dublin, CA 94568

Support the Ferguson 3 and all others facing repression from the rebellion against white supremacy and the police in the Bay Area. Write to Davontae Smith at:

Santa Rita Jail
Davontae Smith BGK969
5325 Broder Blvd.
Dublin, CA 94568

Support the Anti-Repression Committee at:

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