Anti-police and anti-fascist action reports from Warsaw (Poland)

Warsaw: Demo against police violence

A spontaneous demonstration against police violence took place in Warsaw, Poland, on 19th of March. Protest was direct reaction to events that took place few days earlier in Legionowo, Warsaw suburb: police organised hunt for marihuana users. During the arrest, one of the detainees was basically suffocated by a cop, who was trying to stop him from swallowing a bag of pot.

Death of the detainee caused a few days of intense protest- demo on 19th March was first held in Warsaw. It was a reaction against the police statement, full of lies and manipulations, which blames whole situation on the murdered detainee. This secondary victimization and police attempt to cover-up the whole case was the direct impulse to organise protest in the capital. Protest started in front of Prosecutors Office on Brudnowska street, where going to police station was decided. Police was present from the beginning, and after allowing demonstrators to pass almost 2 km decided to start confrontation: all of the protesters were surrounded, then police started checking IDs of the majority of the protesters. Some people were detained and brought to various police stations. Police called all checked protesters to testify in the following days, as suspected of committing the felony – “participating in illegal assembly”.

Its worth noticing that police didn’t stop the demonstration until it almost reached main square of Warsaw Praga district and train station. This could be because of their fear of confrontations with a wider public crowd. It should also be added that during the demonstration police didn’t call for dispersal, not even once, and, by allowing protesters to march out from the front of the prosecutors office they unequivocally accepted the gathering as a spontaneous and legal one.

At the moment all detainees are freed with charges, and the case is monitored by Warsaw ABC (ACK) cell.


Polish scum media coverage and vids

Spontaneous riots in Legionowo (Warsaw suburbs)with 8 people detained and 6 cops injured

Warsaw, Poland: Cop station at Wilcza locked up, some pyro thrown inside.

Rafał was suffocated by a cop, who tried to pull out 1 gram of weed from his throat. He swallowed that joint, cause he feared possible jail time. He was right, fucking lot of young mates serve unfunny sentences for funny doses.

Cop didn’t fear – so they killed. What a fucked up world are we living in? For 1g of weed you rot in jail, and for a murder in a uniform they don’t even get a reprimand from their superior. We don’t give a fuck whether some murderers toady will “independently” conclude ‘abuse of power’. They for sure crossed the limits of our tolerance to police fucktardness. We don’t want police scum to wriggle under our feet and reach for weed in our throats.

Instead of watching how you sack up our mates, lock them up or kill, we prefer to watch you sit scared as lizards in your safe hole. We wanted to check if its possible to lock up a cop without court sentence. It is. All you need is a chain, padlock, and some pyro thrown inside for additional fun, let them get suffocated too. That’s the fun we had last night in Wilcza, the probably most screwed up cop station in town.

JWP! (= Fuck Warsaw Police!)

Source: http://grecjawogniu.info/?p=24523

A bit boring video:

Warsaw: Anti-fascist attack on nationalist bookstore

At night, between 6th and 7th March, a window of nationalist bookstore at Chmielna got broken. We will not write long text of why we did that. We don’t feel that we need to explain why we don’t agree on this plague. But recently we have noticed a sort of fashion for bragging about one’s achievements, and why not? We decided to add something from us, because its getting on our nerves to read about “super-radical” actions, promoted as god knows how great and ambitious venture. As you see, the simplest action one can do everyday, not only when you remind yourselves – dear radicals – that there is an anniversary of Jola Brzeska‘s murder, or 11th of November. Are you proud of your achievements? Great. Be. Even more so, don’t stop. Just stop making fucking super heroes fighting for justice against the system out of yourselves. We aren’t fighting, we are hiding like rats. In November, we were doing everything not to attract society’s critics and not to get into the hands of the Nazis. Instead of barricades on the streets, we built them around ourselves. Everyone in anti-fascist T-shirts, of course. Because it’s all about the fight – but who are we actually fighting?

few antifascists..




Communique called “play-off at moSSakowski’s”:

“Millions of men lived in a huge building with no doors or windows. The feeble light of countless oil lamps competed with the unchanging darkness. As had been the custom since remotest antiquity, the upkeep of the lamps was the duty of the poor, so that the flow of oil followed the alternation of revolt and pacification. One day a general insurrection broke out, the most violent that this people had ever known. Its leaders demanded a fair allotment of the costs of lighting; a large number of revolutionaries said that what they considered a public utility should be free; a few extremists went so far as to clamour for the destruction of the building, which they claimed was unhealthy, even unfit for human habitation. As usual, the more reasonable combatants found themselves helpless before the violence of the conflict. During a particularly lively clash with the forces of order, a stray bullet pierced the outer wall, leaving a crack through which daylight streamed in. After a moment of stupor, this flood of light was greeted with cries of victory. The solution had been found: all they had to do was to make some more holes. The lamps were thrown away or put in museums, and power fell to the window makers. The partisans of radical destruction were forgotten, and even their discreet liquidation, it seems, went almost unnoticed. (Everyone was arguing about the number and position of the windows.) Then, a century or two later, their names were remembered, when the people, that eternal malcontent, had grown accustomed to plate-glass windows, and took to asking extravagant questions. ‘To drag out our days
in a greenhouse, is that living?’ they asked.”

Text: Raoul Vaneigem “The revolution of everyday life”
Target: Restaurant of the scum [landlord] enforcer moSSakowski, Hoża 25, Warsaw
Tool: Hammer
Time: 8 march, 2:00am



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