Phoenix Project 2015: Attack against animal exploitation company by 'Arsonist Anarchist Attack – Fire and Consciousness Cell – FAI/IRF'(Chile)

Phoenix Project 2015: Attack against animal exploitation company.
For human, animal and earth liberation (Chile)

Day by day, minute by minute, power is maintained and reproduced in the social relations of all those who accept this order based on the exercise of authority, domination and exploitation, and in all institutions, companies and machines that allow their normal development, never forgetting the voluntary action of power dignitaries and his accomplices: businessmen, politicians, police and citizen that defend power and submission, who strive for the status quo to run it and to be maintained.

When we decide to fight authority in all its forms and expressions, the struggle for total liberation makes sense, because it includes the various scenarios in which the power runs its domain. Our fight does not segment, it integrates, and so, to fight for total freedom implies also fight against State, capital, speciesism, hierarchies, specialization and varied expressions of authoritarianism.

And despite the efforts of the Chilean State to eliminate ideas and practices of revolt, direct attack by anarchic action groups still continues.

The night on April 7, we attacked the administrative offices of Rio Bueno Meat Company, which dedicates to confinement and slaughter animals in jails, selling them as a commodity for mass human consumption. The incendiary device was made with a delay mechanism and that it worked damaging part of the building.

The reasons are clear and abound. When we decided to fight for Liberation, we assume struggle in a full and complete way, without hierarchy between species. Therefore we can not remain quiet on the speciesist murderous machinery, represented on this company. We can not remain quiet on confinement, isolation and death of hundreds of animals.

Our struggle is anti-speciesist because it is primarily an anti-authoritarian struggle, for human, earth and animal liberation.

The symbols and structures of power are everywhere, it is a matter of daring and jump into the offensive, turning our ideas and values of liberation, our knowledge and our creativity at war, into practice.

And while we understand the struggle as an polymorphic act, without making hierarchy about means and tools we use, we make a call for multiplication of direct attack actions. We do it without arrogance, but with the knowledge that anarchist proposal of autonomous attack by groups of related comrades horizontally organized, is possible, real, ever-present and necessary.

We also claim this action as a part of Informal Anarchist Federation / International Revolutionary Front (FAI-IRF), sharing the objectives it raises: ANARCHIST AUTONOMOUS ATTACK, always on offensive, without hierarchies and without specializations. INTERNATIONALISM, as the anti-authoritarian praxis knows no bounds, states or nations, connecting with other insurgent wills around the world. And SOLIDARITY, because we do not forget about our comrades inside the enemy’s prisons.

Also we claim this action as Phoenix Project, to give new impetus to the anti-authoritarian violent action in this area dominated by the Chilean State, as a way of facing repression and show that the anarchist attack is still alive and it will not surrender.

Currently, the global power tries to tighten its dominion, evolving in its repressive operate with increasingly totalitarian act. With its repressive operations, power aim to hit anarchic and revolutionaries comrades and to put everything under the broad and diffuse idea of “Terrorism”. Also, solidarian environments are beaten, punishing the support to imprisoned comrades, trying to isolate them behind bars.

Latest repressive operations in Spain, the arrest of relatives of comrades from Conspiracy of Cells of Fire in Greece, are an example of this, as is the recent arrest of Enrique Guzman, Juan Flores’ solidarian friend, accused for the explosive attack against a police headquarters. The media cruelty also shows as other expression of state repression, as has been seen in the case of Javier Pino and Natalia Collado, accused of setting fire to a bus. They need our solidarity now.

Strength and solidarity with comrades of Conspiracy of Cells of Fire in Greece and all prisoners in struggle in that territory.

Hugs to Nicola Gai, Alfredo Cospito and all anarchist prisoners in Italy.

Accomplices greetings to Mario and Carlos Lopez, fugitive-comrades from Mexico.

Solidarity with Monica Caballero, Francisco Solar and anarchists arrested in Spain.

Eternal Health to prisoner Mumia Abu-Jamal, who resists fighting in USA.

Love and solidarity in war with Nataly Casanueva, Juan Flores, Guillermo Durán, Juan Aliste, Freddy Fuentevilla, Marcelo Villarroel, Carlos Gutierrez, Hans Niemeyer and Sol Vergara. Let the agitation call between 10 and 20 April, be fruitful in multiform action!


Arsonist Anarchist Attack. “Fire and Consciousness” Cell.
Informal Anarchist Federation – International Revolutionary Front
(FAI/IRF) – Chile


Translated by Idioma NegroES

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