A contribution to the international call against prisons from Chile, by the Conspiracy of Cells of Fire (Greece)

Inter Arma received and translated:

This is where wolves are silent because people are screaming…

10-20 of April: an international campaign of comrades in Chile, against prison. Ten days against the obeisances of those who learned to live like servants. A message of complicity. Words that escaped from the prisons of Chile, traveled thousands of kilometers away, crossed borders, police forces, censorship and reached our cells. Thoughts and meanings that became our sleepless friends to our difficult moments of the hunger strike we carried out. Where life and death stand a breath, heartbeat less away from each other, there where comradeship, solidarity and complicity give advantage to life. Words and thoughts of comrades from Chile gave us courage, tenacity and a hoard of smiles.

Against a society that accepts being marked with the mark of authority, with ID numbers, tax records, cameras, products’ barcodes, Facebook, virtual reality, monitors, here we also stand, we who refuse to be tamed. We refuse to become the obedient pets in the shop window of survival that repeats itself and looks like a slow death.

In different places and moments, different negation and insurrection, which although speak different languages, express common meanings, meet. It’s the meeting of all of us who discovered our true face when we put on a hood to attack the ugliness of this world. It’s the call of all of us who chose the sound of a bank’s window crumbling, the break and ignition of a molotov cocktail as it traverses the night as a glowing star, an explosion that blows up authority and silence of the social graveyard, a pistol arming while rising to shoot death carrying normality, as our music.

These words that struggle to escape paper and turn into actions on the road is our contribution to the solidarity week called by the comrades in Chile, against prisons. Against prisons, their bars and walls that stand as monuments of civilization’s captivity and democracy’s “freedom”.

Prison is a familiar place, a cursed ground for all those who decide to take life on their own hands and arm their desires and negations against power.

Here where everybody fights against his contradictions. We that so much love freedom, however, see prison lurking before our every step. Us, passionate with life’s insurrection, however, flirting with death in a conflict with cops or on the bed of a hospital as hunger strikers, demanding the release of our beloved persons.

This, however, is our own calendar. These are our dates, the dates when the fire burning inside us calls us… “Run and find your moments, when you don’t calculate time, cost, “musts” and consequences. Because in insurrectionary life is more powerful than all calculations”. All the rest are excuses smelling like corpse, stacked with all the unfulfilled promises which remained on the shelves of a world that forgot how to truly live.

STRENGTH – SOLIDARITY – COMPLICITY with all the action cells of FAI/IRF, the hooded of Black International, the anarchists of action all over the world who keep igniting and blowing up the ugliness of power, brightening the eternal night of social silence.

STRENGTH – SOLIDARITY – COMPLICITY with our beloved brothers Nicola Gai and Alfredo Cospito being held in Italian prisons. Every word of theirs is a bullet in FAI/IRF’s gun barrel looking and shooting the enemy in the eyes. In addition, strength – solidarity and complicity with comrades Gianluca Iacovacci and Adriano Antonacci, hostages of the Italian state, accused of FAI/IRF attacks (the first one has claimed responsibility).

STRENGTH – SOLIDARITY – COMPLICITY with the wolves of negation with whom we share the same anger and wrath against the existant, Natalie Casanova, Juan Flores and Guillermo Duran (being accused of attacks claimed by the International Conspiracy for Revenge and Conspiracy of Cells of Fire – Chile). Moreover, we stand next to Enrique Guzmán, Natalia Collado and Javier Pino, persecuted by the Chilean authorities.

STRENGTH – SOLIDARITY – COMPLICITY with the comrades Monica Caballero and Fransisco Solar who are detained in the prisons of Spain (which collaborates with Chilean authorities), accused of anarchist attacks against cathedrals.

At the same time, using the two comrades as a reference point, the repressive operations “Pandora” and “Pinata” have been set up, aiming, among others, to criminalize the friendly and personal relationships of comrades (some of the arrested ones are on the prison’s visitors’ name list. The similarities with the situation in Greece are not random at all).

Finally, a big brotherly hug to comrades Juan Aliste Vega, Freddy Fuentevilla, Marcelo Villarroel Sepúlveda, Alfredo Canales Moreno, Alejandro Astorga Valdés, Hans Niemeyer, Tamara Sol Farias Vergara, Carlos Gutiérrez Quiduleo who, with the international call they carried out, created another chance for us to meet… there, at the place where the wolves are silent, because humans are screaming… for freedom… for anarchy.

Conspiracy of Cells of Fire – FAI/IRF

Imprisoned Members cell


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